refund to

refund (some money) to (someone)

To return the money spent or invested by someone. The automaker has been directed to refund payments to all of its customers following the discovery of defective parts used in its anti-lock brake system. They would only refund half the money to me because I had already taken the tags off We'll send you a notification when the money is refunded to your account.
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refund something to someone

to return payment for something to someone. I insist that you refund the money to me at once. Her money was refunded to her by the store as soon as she asked for it.
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In various tax jurisdictions, supply of value below certain thresholds does not allow VAT refund to tourists.
It asked all exporters with pending GST refund to approach their jurisdictional tax authority for disposal of any of their refund claims submitted on or before April 30.
Survey Question Wording: (i) How much of a refund to you expect to receive this year?
We wanted an alternative that would provide us with a way to implement a refund to our students and let them choose the options for how they receive it, but also have the storage of student banking information hosted by another entity in a very secure fashion.
However, surveys indicate that, given a choice, even the lowest-income taxpayers would be interested in directing a portion of their tax refund to a savings account.
"The total patronage refund to over 1,000 members in the New York area was $6.8 million in cash payments and $11.2 million in Class B2 or Class C stock," reported Edward Howe III, managing director of the New York bank.
Herbers' organization offers a free tax preparation service and can get the refund to people in less than two weeks.
The second of the time requirements allows a claim for credit or refund to be filed at any time within two years after the tax was paid, regardless of when the return was filed.
In other words, the taxpayer has six years from the date of allowance of a refund to file suit for the correct amount of interest thereon.(11)
Lundy, 77 AFTR 2d, 96-406) denied a refund to a taxpayer who waited until receiving a deficiency notice from the IRS before filing his return.
(A direct deposit is not honored--or flipped--when the IRS applies the refund to a taxpayer's outstanding tax liabilities, student loans, child support or payments to state and other federal agencies.)
30, 2003, it files Form 1139 to apply as a credit the $200,000 2000 tentative refund and $10,000 of the 2001 tentative refund to pay the $200,000 2001 postponed tax liability, plus accrued interest.
In such cases, the IRS uses the refund to offset th taxpayer's debt--leaving little or no money to repay the loan.
that they must pay the full amount of their first half property taxes and should their property receive a reduction later this summer or fall, wait for a refund to come through by the remission process.
Although the Florida Supreme Court had held the statute invalid because it made only cosmetic changes from the preceding version clearly objectionable under Bacchus, the state court denied any refund to the taxpayer on the grounds that the state had relied in good faith on a presumptively valid taxing statute.