refund to

refund something to someone

to return payment for something to someone. I insist that you refund the money to me at once. Her money was refunded to her by the store as soon as she asked for it.
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A quarter of those interviewed will use their refund to replenish a bank account.
Herbers' organization offers a free tax preparation service and can get the refund to people in less than two weeks.
The second of the time requirements allows a claim for credit or refund to be filed at any time within two years after the tax was paid, regardless of when the return was filed.
In such cases, the IRS uses the refund to offset th taxpayer's debt--leaving little or no money to repay the loan.
Although the Florida Supreme Court had held the statute invalid because it made only cosmetic changes from the preceding version clearly objectionable under Bacchus, the state court denied any refund to the taxpayer on the grounds that the state had relied in good faith on a presumptively valid taxing statute.
The loan is repaid when the IRS sends your full refund to the bank.
30, 2003, it files Form 1139 to apply as a credit the $200,000 2000 tentative refund and $10,000 of the 2001 tentative refund to pay the $200,000 2001 postponed tax liability, plus accrued interest.
Neocase 10 helps worldwide enterprises such as Global Refund to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and elevate the level of service provided to customers.
Thus, this doctrine essentially limits a taxpayer's suit for refund to the grounds shown in the refund claim.
With TurboTax Refund Bonus, customers can use $90 of their refund to get a Starbucks Card loaded with $100 for an extra week of morning lattes.
6511, which allows a refund to be made within three years of the return filing date or, if no return has been filed, within two years of the payment date.
The campaign will also emphasize how working families can get their full tax refund quickly and inexpensively by electronically filing (e-filing) a tax return with direct deposit of the refund to their bank account.
Holding APX liable will mire APX and the sellers in further and costly litigation, potentially voiding and indefinitely delaying any type of a refund to California ratepayers.
Furthermore, we are currently in earnest negotiations with Global Refund to become a refund agent at our other booths, which are located in more than 30 airports throughout Latin America.
The bank checks the refund for duplicate primary and secondary social security numbers and opens an account in the customer's name and then advances the amount of the refund to the customer in the form of a refund anticipation loan.