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refund something to someone

to return payment for something to someone. I insist that you refund the money to me at once. Her money was refunded to her by the store as soon as she asked for it.
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Until there is a final outcome, taxpayers are advised to file refund claims immediately.
Of course, Secretary Snow did not address the timing for payment of billions of dollars of excise tax refunds due to millions of taxpayers for prior periods.
Glade said simply chipping away at your debt - credit cards alone carry upward of 14 percent interest - with a couple hundred dollars is a quick and efficient way to invest a tax refund.
H&R Block earned $110 million in 2003 with rapid refund loans--about 3 percent of its revenues, the company's year-end report shows.
Del's 1999 wage withholding tax is deemed paid for purposes of a refund claim on the 15th day of the fourth month after the close of the year in which the tax is withheld [Code Sec.
Global Refund estimates that $50 million in VAT went unclaimed by American tourists in 1997.
In other words, use your refund as seed money to start your own business.
In the Moorpark area there are 17 undelivered refunds, totaling $14,505, and in Simi Valley there are 22, totaling $12,826.
After the company receives its tax refund, CPAs should recommend it place the funds in escrow and not commingle them with any other money.
Newark Building also claimed that the lessee's motion for summary judgement could not be granted because Newark Building needed to have pre-trial examinations of the plaintiff in order to determine the intention of the parties as to the refund disposition.
Loan costs range from $29 to $120, subject to refund amounts, meaning the interest rate on "RAL" loans could range from 40% to over 700% APR.
In other instances, a taxpayer will file a protective claim that specifically describes the grounds on which the taxpayer believes it is entitled to a refund, even though it cannot provide supporting information.
FERC commissioners set a 15-day limit on the talks and vowed to impose a refund plan should no agreement be reached.
Employers and employees who participated in employer-provided educational assistance plans in 1995 or 1996 are entitled to refunds.