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take refuge in (something or some place)

To seek protection or shelter from some source of danger or hardship in something or some place. The storm was nearly upon us, so we took refuge in a small cave nearby. Tens of thousands of people are taking refuge in the neighboring country as they flee the civil war.
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take refuge in something

to hide in something; to seek safety or the comfort of being safe in something. The rabbits took refuge in a hole in the ground. The children took refuge in the house as soon as the storm began.
See also: refuge, take
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The Annex contains direction for the management of places of refuge incidents that affect Haida Gwaii, including technical, logistical and resource information about specific sites that may be evaluated as potential places of refuge.
A bed is a place where we sleep; a refuge is far more remarkable, and we would not necessarily know it unless we had seen it.
Birmingham Yardley MP Jess Phillips spoke out about the shocking case as she led a Commons debate about funding for women's refuges.
To that end, in cooperation with a company specializing in thermal simulation and infrared analysis software, and in collaboration with five cooperating mines, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has conducted testing and developed benchmarked thermal simulation models to examine thermal conditions inside occupied refuge alternatives.
Wildlife managers with other state agencies were very concerned about the refuge rule.
The proposed rule also includes opening sport fishing of state-regulated species for the first time at Lake Andes National Wildlife Refuge in South Dakota, and expanding areas available for sport fishing at Patoka River National Wildlife Refuge in Indiana.
The carp are defeating the very purpose of the wildlife refuge.
Because this study was of short duration and designed to test various field techniques used to study lizards that refuge into rock cracks and crevices, we force fed 2-g radio microtransmitters into subjects (Santoyo-Brito and Fox, 2012) instead of surgically implanting them.
WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama waded into a decades-long fight over drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge over the weekend, announcing that his administration would pursue a wilderness designation for 12.
uk/echolive A REFUGE for women affected by domestic violence in Wirral is gearing up for another busy Christmas holiday.
In the 1970s Australian women's movement activists established an autonomous refuge movement across Australia to house women and children escaping domestic violence.
Fish and Wildlife Service recently expanded hunting and fishing opportunities throughout the National Wildlife Refuge System.
YOUNG members of a youth group have donated hundreds of pounds of video games equipment to a women's refuge.
When bowhunters hear the name National Wildlife Refuge System, the first thought that may come to mind is that the name "refuge" must imply no hunting.
As the postings accumulate, scientists and refuge managers will be able to view the data to see where and when species inhabit specific locations.