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take refuge in something

to hide in something; to seek safety or the comfort of being safe in something. The rabbits took refuge in a hole in the ground. The children took refuge in the house as soon as the storm began.
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References in classic literature ?
But I pointed out the distant pinnacles of the Palace of Green Porcelain to her, and contrived to make her understand that we were seeking a refuge there from her Fear.
When there is no place of refuge at all, it is desperate ground.
In the bitterness of his heart, the Blackfoot renegade repined at the mishap which had severed him from a race of congenial spirits, and driven him to take refuge among beings so destitute of martial fire.
The Lair of the Wolf is his refuge, but where he has digged it too plain, The Council shall send him a message, and so he shall change it again.
One could divine by the ray of a tiny light the sort of hut in the form of a beehive where the ferryman of cows took refuge at night.
The shadow of this wall soon took posession of the whole of the ground as far as I could see, forcing the golden sunlight to retreat inch by inch, and at last take refuge in the very tops of the trees.
They had come out proudly from their refuge, and we surrounded them in an admiring crowd.
Her son (of whom I feel truly ashamed to be obliged to speak again so soon) made an effort to extricate his mother--involved himself in a series of pecuniary disasters, which commercial people call, I believe, transactions--struggled for a little while to get out of them in the character of an independent gentleman--failed--and then spiritlessly availed himself of the oleaginous refuge of the soap and candle trade.
A broad lawn, overshadowed at one end by fine old trees--flower beds and shrubberies, and winding paths prettily and invitingly laid out--made the garden a welcome refuge on that fine summer morning.
But one refuge from his contempt for himself was now open to him-- the refuge of work.
She raised her eyes for a moment to mine, and took refuge, poor soul, in a conventionally polite inquiry after my health.
A DOE hard pressed by hunters sought refuge in a cave belonging to a Lion.
I still kept the only refuge left to me--the refuge of silence.
In the end she died peaceably of old age in a secret refuge of the revolutionists in the Ozark mountains.
At this the Greeks are so enraged that they determine to stone Aias, who only escapes from the danger threatening him by taking refuge at the altar of Athena.