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take refuge in (something or some place)

To seek protection or shelter from some source of danger or hardship in something or some place. The storm was nearly upon us, so we took refuge in a small cave nearby. Tens of thousands of people are taking refuge in the neighboring country as they flee the civil war.
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take refuge in something

to hide in something; to seek safety or the comfort of being safe in something. The rabbits took refuge in a hole in the ground. The children took refuge in the house as soon as the storm began.
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Photos should be submitted at the Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge Visitor's Center by Sunday, Sept.
"I don't know of a single refuge in the Lower 48 that isn't dealing with some kind of invasive species.
According to Refuge, the funds will support advancement of cell therapies developed with its receptor-dCas platform to enable precision CRISPR activation (CRISPRa) and CRISPR interference (CRISPRi).
"Refuge is a place where people are rebuilt, where families find each other.
"A bed is a place where we sleep; a refuge is far more remarkable, and we would not necessarily know it unless we had seen it.
But the last-minute addition of the refuge rule by Obama was certainly questionable.
"This tradition was the primary driver behind the creation of the Refuge System that has since set aside millions of acres of land for the conservation of all wildlife, and so where it is compatible with refuge management goals and other recreational activities, we are pleased to be able to expand hunting and fishing opportunities."
Fishing is supposed to begin this spring, but the contract will be canceled if the occupation continues or if the refuge has to remain closed for a lengthy crime-scene investigation.
In the laboratory, we recorded movement of known individuals into and out of a rock refuge (and time within), using remote interrogation of PIT tags implanted into subjects.
While the battle over drilling in the refuge has been waged for years, the United States' oil boom changes the context.
It comes as the Wirral Refuge marked a year which saw a "significant" rise in the numbers of women being forced to take shelter there as they flee from domestic abuse.
In the 1970s Australian women's movement activists established an autonomous refuge movement across Australia to house women and children escaping domestic violence.
Fish and Wildlife Service recently expanded hunting and fishing opportunities throughout the National Wildlife Refuge System.