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horizontal refreshments

slang Sexual intercourse. A: "Did you two have horizontal refreshments last night?" B: "Well that's a personal question!"

liquid refreshment

Beverages, especially those containing alcohol, considered collectively. We all decided to go for some liquid refreshment after the game.
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Les Connaisseurs, based in Gatineau, Quebec, is a leading provider of office refreshments primarily to businesses in eastern Ontario and southwestern Quebec.
ARAMARK provides workplace refreshments to more than 100,000 locations throughout North America, offering clients a single source for office coffee service, water filtration, brand-name beverages, and food and break-room essentials.
The essence of Coors Light marketing is delivering on the promise of Rocky Mountain cold refreshment to our consumers on every occasion," said Andy England, chief marketing officer for Coors Brewing Company.
Through its refreshment services group, ARAMARK provides a wide range of food and beverage services, supplying more than one billion cups of coffee annually to business and industry clients at approximately 100,000 locations worldwide.
ARAMARK has a commendable reputation as the market leader in refreshment services," said Rick Mangum, vice president of accounting at Clear Channel.
Ocean Spray blended the bold, crisp taste of their fruit juices with the clean, light refreshment of tea to bring consumers a unique new taste - Juice & Tea Juice Drinks.
While also celebrating the health benefits found in pineapple (Vitamins C and B6, Thiamin, Folate, Manganese and Magnesium), Jamba Juice intends to help keep customers cool this summer by delivering the refreshing taste of pineapple to where they live, work and play through innovative sampling programs and beat-the-heat refreshment breaks.
Other exciting features include remote refreshment center and safe controls, turning the LCD panel light on/off, placing the unit in/out of service, door open/closed status and instant inventory status and reports.
In March eRoomSystem funded its first loan with AMRESCO, a $294,000 loan which was used to install its eRoomServ Refreshment Centers in a major New York City hotel.
John Stonework, room service manager for the 818-room New York Marriott World Trade Center, said he took a cue from two New York City Marriott properties -- the Marriott Marquis and the Marriott Financial Center -- that feature eRoomSystem's eRoomServ Refreshment Centers.
ARAMARK Refreshment Services is a leader in the vending and coffee services market, providing 1 billion cups of coffee, 400 million servings of soda and 200 million snacks a year for business and industry at 100,000 locations in the United States.
This coffee and vending service trend has translated into record-setting success for ARAMARK in the $31 billion global refreshment services business.
The best thing to come out of our vending machines is employee satisfaction," said Richard Wyckoff, President of ARAMARK Refreshment Services.
This coffee trend has translated into record-setting success for ARAMARK in the $31 billion global refreshment services business.