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refresh (one's) memory

To remind one (about something); to help one to recall something. I'm sorry, I don't remember our discussion about that. You'll have to refresh my memory. You don't remember how much? Allow me to refresh your memory. You owe me $300.
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refresh (someone, something, or oneself) with (something)

1. To make something appear new, more interesting, or brighter with the addition of something. I'd like to refresh the office with some new furniture and a new layout. You'd be amazed how easily you can refresh your house with a paint job and bit of redecorating.
2. To revive someone, oneself, or a part of someone's body with some action or thing. Why don't you lie down and refresh your eyes with a couple slices of cucumber? After sitting in front of the computer all day, I decided to refresh myself with a walk around my neighborhood.
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Cohen portrays Omidyar as the antithesis of the typical dot-com CEO, refreshingly free of smooth talk and flim-flammery.
If Body Politics and the Fictional Double fails in its structure, it does not fail in its individual essays, some of which are refreshingly personal (reminiscent of both Virginia Woolf and, more recently, Jane Tompkins in her breakthrough 1987 essay "Me and My Shadow"), some of which are formal and represent both the best and the worst of specialized academic writing (i.e., the accessible and the impenetrable, respectively), some of which fall somewhere in between these two extremes (and are apparently meant to help link the others together), and, finally, one of which is a interview with two performance artists.
The gaps in action are coupled with gaps in realism; yet few films have felt so utterly, refreshingly, real.
The veteran explainer of all things religious and political--and the complexities that arise at their intersection--attempts to answer the question raised, but left unanswered, by his 1993 bestseller, The Culture of Disbelief: "If religion is to be actively involved in politics, what is the proper form of that involvement?" No blueprint exists to show precisely what this involvement should look like, but Carter gives an intelligent and refreshingly straightforward analysis of the issues.
Indeed, Costner's refreshingly scabrous rendering of Presidential aide Kenneth O'Donnell makes him more like JFK's bodyguard, running interference and strong-arming the bureaucrats.
The brew was first introduced last year, and spokesperson lindsay Ransick says "demand was overwhelming, with production barely keeping up with demand." According to Ransick, the brew is made with light malts inported from England, together with the newly-developed Sterling hop, for a beer with "a brilliantly pale gold color with a refreshingly crisp, hoppy flavor." The ale is fairly low in alcohol, at 4% by volume.
Coupled with the 3-column grid, the body text refreshingly contrasts with the more light-hearted graphics.
Refreshingly, the Scottish Parliament has been constituted in a way that should allow members to have time for family life.
Refreshingly, he casts an equally critical eye on both the political opposition and Arab leadership.
Klyza describes the "main conceptions of the public interest regarding public-land management" as "economic liberalism," the idea behind mining policies from 1848 to 1872; "technical utilitarianism," the foundation for forestry as defined by Fernow and Pinchot; "interest-group liberalism," the basis for later grazing policy; and "preservationism." While much of this will be familiar to resource policy buffs, the emphasis on understanding the original "idea" to explain why these old policies seem impossible to change is refreshingly new.
(Terry Hands, then-artistic director of the RSC, gives the production a mixed review.) Always insightful, Billington is at his best charting political trends (both on stage and off), pumping for international theatre (refreshingly, he unabashedly advocates for his own interests) and championing new writing.
But the decision handed down by a New Jersey court was refreshingly clear-headed.
And the ingredients in all three varieties -- Pizza, Tex-Mex, and Greek -- are refreshingly free of synthetic dyes, flavors, and preservatives.
Liverpool Craft Beer Co - Hinnomaki Wheat (4.7%) Sharp, gooseberry aroma with a refreshingly sharp finish typical of a Belgian Wit.
4 final cut Refreshingly raunchy - Faris is a delight