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refresh (one's) memory

To remind one (about something); to help one to recall something. I'm sorry, I don't remember our discussion about that. You'll have to refresh my memory. You don't remember how much? Allow me to refresh your memory. You owe me $300.
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refresh (someone, something, or oneself) with (something)

1. To make something appear new, more interesting, or brighter with the addition of something. I'd like to refresh the office with some new furniture and a new layout. You'd be amazed how easily you can refresh your house with a paint job and bit of redecorating.
2. To revive someone, oneself, or a part of someone's body with some action or thing. Why don't you lie down and refresh your eyes with a couple slices of cucumber? After sitting in front of the computer all day, I decided to refresh myself with a walk around my neighborhood.
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"The Bud Light Lime-a-Rita name and logo, which features a margarita glass, immediately reinforces the core message of the product: This is an authentic and convenient margarita-flavored alcohol beverage with a refreshing twist of Bud Light Lime," he says.
Janis Milham, the company vice president and global brand manager, said, 'Courtyard has been welcoming business and leisure travellers for more than 20 years and our expertise and knowledge has gone into the innovative elements of our Refreshing Business lobby.
This Water Oranges & Lemons recipe blends Mediterranean oranges (for their tangy taste), Brazilian oranges (for their sweetness), spring water and freshly squeezed lemon juice to deliver a perfectly balanced fruity and refreshing taste.
Blended with rose, the Instant Hydrating Toner from Sanctuary is a fragrance mix of refreshing floral waters.
Rejuvenating rather than refreshing, the spray leaves your skin feeling a little smoother and slightly perfumed.
Watching young boys with the confidence and courage to sing, act and dance was so refreshing, while the girls also impressed with their skill and confidence.
When Black scholars garner the adjective "refreshing," it rarely bodes well for Black people on the whole.
The collection consists of three different fragrances: Citrus Lavender (refreshing and soothing), Green Tea & Jasmine (fresh and floral) and Honey Sugar Butter (sweet and comforting).
Relax this winter with some delicious, refreshing and energizing tulsi tea.
The unique tropical twist of refreshing mango and passion fruit and delicious coconut ice cream will whisk you away to your own personal paradise ( wherever you are.
It was so refreshing to read David Let's article on the reluctance so many people have to question someone's religion when that same set of beliefs leads to ignorance, oppression, hatred, and violence.
The presentations were refreshed, but hardly refreshing. The same frustrations that IT organizations battled with years ago, continue to plague the industry today.
Product: NiveaGentle Refreshing Toner Price: pounds 4.94 Ease of use: A little goes a long way.
To read these sermon starters was always refreshing, but nothing was ever more refreshing and stimulating than those poignant, splendidly crafted pastoral essays that Bob drafted as an introduction for each issue.
The rollout includes a new look for the brand with a prominent logo and new backdrop designed to communicate the brand's classic image and refreshing flavor.