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refresh (one's) memory

To remind one (about something); to help one to recall something. I'm sorry, I don't remember our discussion about that. You'll have to refresh my memory. You don't remember how much? Allow me to refresh your memory. You owe me $300.
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refresh (someone, something, or oneself) with (something)

1. To make something appear new, more interesting, or brighter with the addition of something. I'd like to refresh the office with some new furniture and a new layout. You'd be amazed how easily you can refresh your house with a paint job and bit of redecorating.
2. To revive someone, oneself, or a part of someone's body with some action or thing. Why don't you lie down and refresh your eyes with a couple slices of cucumber? After sitting in front of the computer all day, I decided to refresh myself with a walk around my neighborhood.
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refresh someone with something

to renew or revive someone with something. Here, let me refresh you with a cool glass of lemonade. After the game, Wally will probably refresh himself with a bottle of iced tea.
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refresh something with something

to restore or brighten up something. I think we can refresh this drab old room with a coat of fresh paint. The old house was refreshed with new siding and some landscaping.
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reˌfresh somebody’s/your ˈmemory

remind somebody/yourself of something that you have forgotten: Refresh my memory, will you? How many children has he got?Before I interviewed Ms Waters, I read her book again just to refresh my memory.
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The ground was officially good that day, but the return to a bottomless surface on Merseyside this afternoon will play to Well Refreshed's strengths.
"Well Refreshed wouldn't be the best jumper but although now nine he's still quite inexperienced.
Initially the refreshed site has been launched in English and French although the alliance anticipates a further 11 languages being available by the end of the year.
As someone who's used to the heat of the racetrack, I'm always looking for ways to stay refreshed."
Hughes said: "The idea is we come back refreshed and looking ahead to what we have ahead of us - 12 games or so - and we are looking to win as many of those as we can."
It is hoped another 50 stores will be "refreshed" by the end of the year.
Like Elijah, refreshed by the divine gift of food, we are invited by the psalmist to "taste and see that the LORD is good" (34:8).
A new human study conducted by an independent contract research organization has demonstrated that the natural ingredient Seditol is highly effective for ensuring a sound night's sleep and allowing adults to wake up feeling refreshed. The study of 45 adults reported the percentages of subjects that agreed with the following statements: Helps ensure a sound night's sleep: 91%; Allows you to wake up feeling refreshed: 89%; Reduces fatigue due to lack of sleep: 91%; Is gentle to your stomach: 96%; Has less side effects than other sleep aids: 87%; Gives me more energy during the day: 84%.
Refreshed, take a boat to a deserted motu (a small islet), where you can enjoy a gourmet lunch--complete with parasol, fine linens, and china--served to you at a table and chairs set in two feet of water.
The presentations were refreshed, but hardly refreshing.
A warm site provides many of the same benefits, but the data is not refreshed as often.
where people could relax and breathe air that had been cleansed and refreshed by trees." CONTACT: American Forests, (202) 955-4500,; U.S.
Nobody has convinced anybody to drop the theme because "we've used it for a long time now." The theme remains untouched, while the execution of that theme is continually refreshed.
Clearly, the site is refreshed thoughtfully and regularly.
By year-end 2000, between 15 percent and 20 percent of the 1999 commercial installed base of 32-bit Windows (desktops and laptops) will be upgraded or refreshed with Windows 2000 Professional, and between 40 percent and 45 percent by year-end 2001.