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refresh (one's) memory

To remind one (about something); to help one to recall something. I'm sorry, I don't remember our discussion about that. You'll have to refresh my memory. You don't remember how much? Allow me to refresh your memory. You owe me $300.
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refresh someone with something

to renew or revive someone with something. Here, let me refresh you with a cool glass of lemonade. After the game, Wally will probably refresh himself with a bottle of iced tea.
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refresh something with something

to restore or brighten up something. I think we can refresh this drab old room with a coat of fresh paint. The old house was refreshed with new siding and some landscaping.
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reˌfresh somebody’s/your ˈmemory

remind somebody/yourself of something that you have forgotten: Refresh my memory, will you? How many children has he got?Before I interviewed Ms Waters, I read her book again just to refresh my memory.
See also: memory, refresh
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Although Branded Drinks can provide a good national service, we felt that the speed and scale of our growth plans required a distributor with Refresh UK's sales resource and portfolio of brands.
The final contestants will walk the runway during the 2012 ReFresh Model Search Fashion Show and winner announcement to a live DJ in front of an audience and panel of judges featuring industry leaders such as Dominic Petruzzi, notable photographer, Scott Dunlop, CEO of Dunlop Group and Executive Producer and Series Creator of Bravo's Real Housewives, Marla Wylie, popular Orange County model, Alice Kim Cowell, CEO of ReFresh Talent Agency and William Musgrow, Executive Director of Ikon Aveda Salon & Day Spa the following Saturday, June 30th beginning at 6 pm.
between 8/1/15 and 7/31/16, Allergan will allocate 25 cents toward an in-kind donation of REFRESH products to select U.
Christy Raspberry & Arnica Feet Treat Sachet (99p) Lofty claims: This revitalising foot soak is specially formulated with a unique blend of raspberry and arnica extracts to cleanse, soothe and refresh aching feet.
ACE Refresh is a popular non-alcoholic drink in Germany and contains orange, carrot and lemon juice blended to produce a smooth, still, refreshing fruity drink.
Privately funded Refresh has emerged as the frontrunner to buy the innovative micro brewer after venture capitalist 3i announced it was offloading its stake in Wychwood.
As part of the Center's initiatives, the company has applied for a $250,000 Pepsi Refresh Grant to help improve aid distribution in areas devastated by a natural disaster.
Led by DJ Mustard, the Coors Light Soundtrack reFRESH DJ Collective features DJ Infamous (Atlanta), DJ Quick Silva (Baltimore), DJ Dummy (Charlotte), DJ Sean Mac (Chicago) and DJ E Feezy (Miami).
As a result, display refresh rates higher than 1,000Hz are required for high quality video shooting.
Photo: (Color) Cocktails can refresh on a sultry day.
a leading provider of solutions and services that restore legacy computer systems to virtually new machines, announced today a Technology Refresh program that dramatically extends the life and return on investment (ROI) of legacy VAX and AlphaServers and puts these extremely reliable computer systems under brand-new factory warranty.
NYSE: N), the industry's leading provider of cloud-based financials / ERP and omnichannel commerce software suites, today announced that Refresh Renovations, New Zealand's largest home renovation building specialists, has gone live on NetSuite OneWorld as its cloud-based business management suite to manage its head office operations in Auckland, call centre and 35 individually-owned franchised subsidiaries in New Zealand and Australia.