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refrain from (doing something)

To make a considered, conscious effort not to do something. I ask everyone to refrain from asking questions until the end of the presentation. Please refrain from talking while you are in the library.
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refrain from something

to hold back from doing something; to choose not to do something as planned. I wish you would refrain from shouting. Please refrain from hollering.
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refrain from

To make a conscious decision not to do something: All passengers must refrain from smoking during the flight.
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There is a refusal to resolve this moment into any particular future, a refraining by this writer of Okanagan and Salish ancestry to provide any comfort for readers of survival or reconciliation.
Either way, refraining invites us to have the courage to remain unaffiliated with any particular "better" future.
Analyses controlling for sexual experience reveal that at each survey, females were significantly more likely than males to report any positive consequence of refraining from sexual activity (odds ratios, 4.1-5.9), any negative consequence (1.6-2.6) and only positive consequences (2.3-8.6).
The researchers note that their results may not be widely generalizable and that the limited number of potential consequences they studied "may not describe adolescents' full experiences." Furthermore, they acknowledge that they cannot determine whether teenagers who reported refraining from sexual activity were practicing abstinence, selectively rejected sexual encounters or simply lacked opportunity.
To this image he adds another "P.V." excerpt and the oft-cited passage "There are thus two interpretations of interpretation, of structure, of sign, of play." This snippet is attributed to "J.D." (Guess who-the very thinker who problematized such attributional "signatures" in the first place.) In the most disappointing "Essay," Kosuth has repictured his groundbreaking 1965 work, One and Three Photographs, two grainy black-and-white photographs of a tree alongside a photograph of a dictionary definition of the word "photograph." This original refraining is refrained with a quotation from "T.T." on immanence and one by "G.P." on interpretations of beginnings and endings.
On the other hand, it means an explicit refraining from intervening in another person's life when this would unnecessarily affect their right to live according to their own beliefs.
Jreissati called for refraining from stabbing the Taef Accord and for rectifying instead the course of constitutional work.
The verdict has been suspended for three years; and they were acquitted of the charges of assaulting an official and refraining from work.
The three workers were found not guilty in the charges of attacking a public official and refraining from work.
The surveys also covered a range of psychosocial factors, including personal and perceived peer norms about refraining from sex and about condom use; communication with parents; self-efficacy in refusing sex, drugs or alcohol and in using condoms; alcohol and drug use in the last 30 days; perceived barriers to condom use; and perceived risk of acquiring HIV or another sexually transmitted disease (STD).
Parties have been refraining from receiving political funds from banks, with the exception of money to repay debt.