refrain from

refrain from (doing something)

To make a considered, conscious effort not to do something. I ask everyone to refrain from asking questions until the end of the presentation. Please refrain from talking while you are in the library.
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refrain from something

to hold back from doing something; to choose not to do something as planned. I wish you would refrain from shouting. Please refrain from hollering.
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refrain from

To make a conscious decision not to do something: All passengers must refrain from smoking during the flight.
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On Friday, the UNSC met for the first time in over five decades to discuss the critical situation in Indian occupied Kashmir, urging parties to the dispute to refrain from taking any unilateral action.
Members of the United Nations Security Council met for the first time in over five decades on Friday to discuss the critical situation in Indian Occupied Kashmir, urging parties to the dispute to refrain from taking any unilateral action.
'This is a very unfortunate event, we call on farmers and members of the public to refrain from such action,' it reads.
Germany on Wednesday called on Turkey to avoid escalation and refrain from illegal drillings off Cyprus.
UNITED States Ambassador Sung Kim on Wednesday urged all countries to refrain from conducting provocative acts in the South China Sea (SCS).
Senator Richard Gordon on Wednesday said President Rodrigo Duterte should not be forced to talk more about the alleged ramming of a Philippine fishing boat by a Chinese vessel in the West Philippine Sea (WPS) as he asked other government officials to also refrain from making comments on the issue.
New Delhi [India], June 3 (ANI):India on Monday took offence to the reference to the Jammu and Kashmir in the final communique of the 14th Islamic summit of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) that was held in Saudi Arabia and asked it to refrain from making "unwarranted" references.
BAGHDAD (NINA) - The US State Department has raised the risk of travel to Iraq to its highest levels and urged its citizens to refrain from visiting it.
(2) You must leave this place if you can't refrain from talking.
"We would like to state the following with regard to the statement of the Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan in Strasbourg proposing to Azerbaijan "to refrain from use of force, threaten by use force and military rhetoric".
BRUSSELS, April 11 (KUNA) -- The European Union Thursday said that it is closely monitoring the situation in Sudan and called on all parties to refrain from violence.
The Journalists Association of Macedonia (ZNM) believes that officeholders, especially ministers, should refrain from statements that could be understood in some way as threats or defamation of media.
But Transport Secretary Chris Grayling advised Mr Bercow to refrain from doing anything that would "cause controversy around his position" and "undermine" the credibility of the post.
The GDT has urged the public to comply with its requirements such as not overloading the vehicle and refrain from peeking out of windows.