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a (kind of) reflection on (someone or something)

That which presents a particular kind of opinion about or informs the reputation of someone or something. The staff you hire to serve customers are the best reflection on your restaurant as a whole. I feel like parents only want their children to behave in public because they know they'll be a poor reflection on them otherwise. The decay and ruin these landmarks are in is unfortunately a sad reflection on the economic state of our city.
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on mature reflection

After having given something careful consideration over an appropriately long period of time. On mature reflection, I realize now that my comments during the debate may have been hurtful to some citizens, and for that I apologize unreservedly. Many new homeowners are now, on mature reflection, beginning to wonder whether they made a worthwhile investment.
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quiet reflection

Time spent in contemplation. I like to spend a moment in quiet reflection after a yoga class ends. Let's take this downtime for some quiet reflection, shall we?
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reflect (back) (up)on someone or something

to remember or think about someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) When I reflect back on the years I spent with my parents, I think I had a good childhood. I like to reflect on my great-grandmother.
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reflect on

1. Consider or think carefully about, as in She reflected on her country's role in history. [c. 1600] A closely related phrase is on due reflection, meaning "after careful consideration." For example, On due reflection I decided to vote for the incumbent.
2. reflect on one. Give evidence of one's qualities, as in The hasty preparation of this report will reflect on you. [Second half of 1600s]
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on mature reˈflection/consideˈration

(formal) after thinking about something carefully and for a long time: He wanted to ban his staff from using the Internet at work, but on mature reflection he decided that this would not be good for morale.

a sad, poor, etc. reflection on something

a thing which damages somebody’s/something’s reputation: The increase in crime is a sad reflection on our society today.
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reflect on

or reflect upon
1. To think carefully about something: He sat in the garden and reflected on what he had just read.
2. To express carefully considered thoughts about something: In the essay, she reflects on her long career and offers advice for young writers.
3. To give evidence of the characteristics or qualities of someone or something: The student's performance reflects well on the whole school. Hasty preparation of the report will reflect badly on you.
4. To appear as a reflected image on some surface: The trees are reflecting on the water.
5. To cause something to appear as a reflected image on some surface: The window reflected wavy lines on the floor.
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I had terrible reflections upon my mind for many months, as I have already observed, on account of my wicked and hardened life past; and when I looked about me, and considered what particular providences had attended me since my coming into this place, and how God had dealt bountifully with me - had not only punished me less than my iniquity had deserved, but had so plentifully provided for me - this gave me great hopes that my repentance was accepted, and that God had yet mercy in store for me.
Under these reflections I continued very pensive and sad for near month, and did not go down to the Bath, having no inclination to be with the woman whom I was with before; lest, as I thought, she should prompt me to some wicked course of life again, as she had done; and besides, I was very loth she should know I was cast off as above.
I sent my gentleman a short letter, therefore, that I had obeyed his orders in all things but that of going back to the Bath, which I could not think of for many reasons; that however parting from him was a wound to me that I could never recover, yet that I was fully satisfied his reflections were just, and would be very far from desiring to obstruct his reformation or repentance.
Paradoxes in the design of the collegial reflection meant that the teachers expressed feelings and experiences that were often contradictory.
The General Optical Council (GOC) has issued a joint statement with eight other healthcare regulators that highlights the importance and benefits of reflection among professionals working within healthcare.
Understanding Reflection in Teaching: A Framework for Analyzing the Literature (Thesis Doctor).
"Reflections Framed" invites veterans or serving military members with a connection to the Wheaton area to share their service story ("Reflection") by completing an online form and submitting a photo, caption, story, and an optional audio file.
In research that could help improve predictive climate modeling, a new study published in the Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans has found a unique method to measure the rate of this mixing by observing the reflection of sound waves off the different tiers within the ocean.
Aldar Properties PJSC ('Aldar'), Abu Dhabi's leading listed property development, investment and management company, announces the launch of Reflection -- a new AED 440 million, boutique residential development on Reem Island.
Reflection consists of 2 towers offering 374 homes, comprising studios, 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments.
Aldar Properties, a leading UAE-based real estate developer, has announced the launch of Reflection - a new Dh440 million ($119.7 million) boutique residential development on Reem Island.
Sales for the project, called Reflection, will commence on 31 March at Aldar's sales centre on Yas Island.
John Dewey (1933) supplied a historical basis of reflection by stating "Teaching is more than a customary activity directed by whims and rituals".
It has been argued that reflection skills are crucial for teacher development, and improvement of student learning (Darling-Hammond, 2006; Korthagen, Loughran & Russell, 2006).