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in reference to

Regarding; having to do with; in connection with. We received an anonymous tip in reference to the ongoing investigation. In reference to my opponent's remarks, let me state for the record that I have always condemned hate speech in all forms.
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with reference to

Regarding; having to do with; in connection with. The governor's office made the announcement with reference to the recent controversial legislation. With reference to my opponent's remarks, let me state for the record that I have always condemned hate speech in all forms.
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in reference to someone or something

 and with reference to someone or something concerning or about someone or something;
in connection with someone or something. What shall we do in reference to Bill and his problem? With reference to what problem?
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in regard to

Also, as regards; in or with reference to ; with regard to; in or with respect to . Concerning, about. For example, In regard to your letter, forget it, or As regards your subscription, I'm not sure why it was canceled, or In reference to your inquiry, we'll have to pass it on to the board, or We have a few questions with regard to your recent offer, or With respect to your latest request, we'll be happy to oblige. The word reference has been used in this idiom since the late 1500s, regard from the second half of the 1400s, and respect from the first half of the 1500s. Also see relative to.
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with reference to

Also, with regard or respect to . See in regard to.
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in/with ˈreference to

(formal or written) used to say what you are talking or writing about: With reference to your letter of July 22...
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The empty frames and blurry images as well as the referentially impossible photographs (Figure 4) reproduced in Martino's text invite readers to engage in the acting of referentiality.
Firstly, three-participant constructions with referentially high-ranking Ts have been studied--often from generative and alternative formal perspectives--in relation to the so- called Person Role Constraint (see e.
It is possible, in equative clauses where the verb be predicates identity between two definite NPs (one as subject, one as predicate complement), that one NP is to be interpreted descriptively rather than referentially (albeit that both NPs are definite).
The lack of regulation has in practice left water quality standards to exist as essentially discretionary, a situation which contrasts boldly with the lawful rights of federal employees who are assigned on-reserve worksites because the same federal guidelines are referentially incorporated into the Canada Labour Code.
Beyond extracting referentially intact subsets of data, when working with heterogeneous databases, you need additional capabilities for managing compatibility and translation differences automatically.
Donnellan calls the two uses of definite descriptions he has in mind the attributive use and the referential use: a speaker who uses a definite description attributively in an assertion states something about whoever or whatever is the so-and-so; a speaker who uses a definite description referentially in an assertion, on the other hand, uses the description to enable his audience to pick out whom or what he is talking about and states something about that person or thing.
Others employ words that referentially evoke previous economic eras, including putting "craft" (suggesting agrarian hands) or "works" (suggesting industrial labor) in their names, as if every offering were handmade by a skilled craftsman in a workshop or small factory.
Dublin working class speech acts can be as referentially obscure and syntactically cryptic as those of nineteenth-century Rhode Island posh.
We will argue that subjunctive clauses function referentially.
We might understand thinking education as the "postponement of immediate action" (Dewey, 1997, 64), of educational practice that critically examines how action in the classroom--a type of action in and with the world--animates from and is vitally and referentially connected to (critically examined or uncritically assumed) visions of society.
Referentially, conception A emphasises an awareness of the writing process.
Nominal strategies can be further subdivided into a pronominal strategy, that is, the use of pronouns or referentially dependent nouns as markers of reciprocity and a quantificational one, namely, the use of bi-partite quantifiers as a kind of reciprocal anaphor.
Ferrer i Cancho--Sole (2003) show that Zipf's law is a hallmark of referentially random systems and symbolic reference systems by using mathematical modeling.
This point must not be overlooked: there is no question of referentially grounding philosophy for Badiou, whether in consciousness, the objective world, human custom or even unconscious drives.
11) Reading Steevens's return to the received text in a constructivist way will show him as an editor grasping something of the difficulties of reading any Shakespeare edition referentially.