refer (one) to (someone or something)

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refer (one) to (someone or something)

To send or direct one to someone or something as a source of information or support. You can refer the customer to clause 34-B if they are still unsure of their obligation. Let me refer you to a friend of mine. He's a clinical psychologist and may be able to help.
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refer someone to someone or something

to direct someone to someone or something; to send someone to someone or something. The front office referred me to you, and you are now referring me to someone else! They should have referred you to the personnel department.
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refer to someone or something

to mention someone or something. Are you referring tome when you speak about a kind and helpful person? I was referring to the personnel department.
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refer to

1. To mention or reference someone or something: When you say he's clumsy, are you referring to what he did the other day? When we are in the meeting, refer to me as your colleague and not as your sister.
2. To signify something or someone directly; denote something or someone: The red line on the graph refers to the birth rate and the blue line to the death rate.
3. To pertain to something or someone; concern something or someone: I have a question referring to yesterday's lecture.
4. To direct someone to someone or something for help, support, or information: My doctor couldn't find the problem, so she referred me to a specialist.
5. To have recourse to someone or something for help, support, or information; turn to someone or something: Whenever I encounter a word that I don't know, I refer to a dictionary.
6. To direct the attention of someone to something: The instructor referred us to the third page of the manual.
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But if I'm meeting 2,500 young people every week and I don't even know who to refer a gang member to, who to refer someone to who is carrying a machete, then something is going very wrong."
Johnson also encourages any reservists attending an air show to sign up for the Get One Now app and refer someone to join.
Crucially, colleagues can refer someone to a health-care practitioner or take additional action if they feel it necessary - if a person is underweight or has had sudden weight gain, suggesting other issues or illnesses, or is showing symptoms of conditions such as diabetes.
Keeping in touch with fellow Filipinos who had been there for a long time is important because they could refer someone to work or as a reliever in a household.
People struggling with mental illness often turn to clergy for help, but seminaries do little to train ministers how to recognize serious psychological distress and when to refer someone to a doctor or mental health professional, according to a new study.
"We can't simply refer and say, 'Come back to me in 2 or 3 months, and we'll see where you are.' If we refer someone to a cardiologist, we follow up, we make sure the patient got there, and we expect a note back from the cardiologist," Dr.
People trained in QPR learn how to recognize the warning signs of a suicide crisis and how to question, persuade, and refer someone to help, according to the QPR Institute in Washington.
"If we have a client we really enjoy working with, and they go out of their way to refer someone to us, and their colleague is just starting out, we don't want to say no to that relationship just because of their account value," Gold asserts.
If a situation arises, you would want the security guard to quote from policy and refer someone to a specific person within your organization.
It is amazing just how many people we all know and what BNI does is refer someone to a trusted business contact rather than having to rely on an anonymous person from the Yellow Pages.
Duffy points out that it's not enough to refer someone to a smoking cessation program if alcohol is a major underlying problem.
If I need to refer someone to a gastroenterologist, it's almost impossible to refer that patient to anyone who will take them."
"If you want to refer someone to a psychologist it takes months for them to be seen.
If you refer someone to us who joins ASAE and lists your name as the referral on their application, you'll receive a $20 gift certificate to be used for any ASAE product or service.
We ask at closing and again nine months later how likely a home buyer would be to refer someone to us.