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refer to (someone or something) as (someone or something)

To call someone or something by a particular name or title. Should I refer to you as Dr. Smith or Professor Smith? I think you're all old enough now that you can start calling me Nancy, instead of Mrs. Johnson. They guys in engineering have started referring to the project as "The Impossible Task."
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refer to (someone or something)

1. To mention or make a reference to someone or something. "What a loudmouth," said John, referring to Tom. I was referring to Paris, Texas, not Paris, France.
2. To indicate, signify, or point to someone or something. The first pie chart refers to the company's various expenditures, while the second refers to our sources of revenue. This line in the application refers to people with a weekly income of less than $500.
3. To look or turn to something as a source of information or support. Please refer to your employee handbook if you have any questions about these policies.
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refer (one) to (someone or something)

To send or direct one to someone or something as a source of information or support. You can refer the customer to clause 34-B if they are still unsure of their obligation. Let me refer you to a friend of mine. He's a clinical psychologist and may be able to help.
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refer someone back to someone or something

to suggest that someone go back to someone or something, such as the source. I referred the client back to the lawyer she had originally consulted. Tom referred the customer back to the manufacturer who had made the shoddy product.
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refer someone to someone or something

to direct someone to someone or something; to send someone to someone or something. The front office referred me to you, and you are now referring me to someone else! They should have referred you to the personnel department.
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refer something back to someone or something

 and refer something back
to send something back to someone or a group for action. Dr. Smith knows more about this kind of case, so I referred it back to him. They referred back all the bills.
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refer to someone or something

to mention someone or something. Are you referring tome when you speak about a kind and helpful person? I was referring to the personnel department.
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refer to

1. To mention or reference someone or something: When you say he's clumsy, are you referring to what he did the other day? When we are in the meeting, refer to me as your colleague and not as your sister.
2. To signify something or someone directly; denote something or someone: The red line on the graph refers to the birth rate and the blue line to the death rate.
3. To pertain to something or someone; concern something or someone: I have a question referring to yesterday's lecture.
4. To direct someone to someone or something for help, support, or information: My doctor couldn't find the problem, so she referred me to a specialist.
5. To have recourse to someone or something for help, support, or information; turn to someone or something: Whenever I encounter a word that I don't know, I refer to a dictionary.
6. To direct the attention of someone to something: The instructor referred us to the third page of the manual.
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i) Instructions to Bidders refers to the complete set of documents which provides Bidders with all
Omar and zeid refer everyone, stating the specific, presenting the general.
As an example, he refers to a list from the Sibylline Oracles (2:70-77, a third- or fourth-century Jewish and then Christian source--see http://www.
It refers to engaging in a heterosexual relationship for the purpose of making people believe that one is heterosexual.
For specific information regarding the SCORM refer to the ADL web site at URL http://www.
that admissions directors refer to prospective nursing home care recipients as applicants, whose value lies in their ability to be admitted to the facility;
Evans refers to the Old Testament character Job as a person who could see divine action in his midst.
Even more likely, they may not understand how to refer you.
Attorneys and real estate management companies can also refer clients to the Residential Referral Network.
The proposals would require a practitioner to take reasonable steps to assure that any written materials or promotional efforts that distribute, reflect or refer to the tax-shelter opinion correctly and fairly represent its the nature and extent.
Originally used to refer only to "drag queens," gay men who dress as women and who are distinct from crossdressers.
A large telco or broadband provider for example, will refer its customers to Website Experts via a private-label affiliate link that ensures the new site is hosted on the referring partner's hosting service.
They can refer those within their spheres of influence, as well as their own clients, as long as they are not representing them in the same real estate transactions.
If your doctor can't treat you for cancer and can't refer you to another doctor who can, they have given away their fundamental duty to refer and they didn't tell their patients,'' Hiestand said.