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14) Ref BB024/15, Tuesday, January 6: |Shoplifting at Morrisons in the Viking Precinct, Jarrow 15) Ref BB047/15, Tuesday, December |30: Shoplifting, Abbey Drive, Jarrow.
REF: V1/Dk2 Danish company specialising in wood treatment is looking for a supplier of boric acid (H3BO3).
As we reported in 1996, carbon black and silica loading in a compound have a great impact on the shear thinning characteristics as measured either with a capillary rheometer or the RPA (ref. 31).
(11) For the Schiff moment and the EDM of mercury we used the results obtained in Refs. [28] and [29], respectively.
Pope Pius XII condemned polygenesism--the polygenesism championed by Teilhard de Chardin, Karl Rahner, and other theologians, which holds that we are descended from multiple ancestors rather than the person named Adam (ref. 13).
Ref BB-234-14 | Police need to speak to these two men after a theft from Lidl at Laygate, South Shields, on June 6.
This cause is discussed next under capillary scorch test (ref. 15).
Ref 114 - Cash stolen from self service check-outs at Asda at Mill Lane.
Another term for shear thinning is pseudoplasticity (ref. 111).
Any R-function [R.sub.-a]([b.sub.1], ..., [b.sub.k]; [z.sub.1], ..., [z.sub.k]) (see Ref. (6)) in which all the b-parameters are positive integral multiples of a single number [beta] can be rewritten with repeated variables and all b's equal to [beta].
The document is entitled Sterilization in Catholic Hospitals (1975) (ref. 6) Msgr.
If a compound breaks down faster during the mixing process, it may ultimately possess less nerve (ref. 9).
PLANNING APPLICATIONS THE following planning applications have been received by Middlesbrough Council: REF: M/FP/0040/14/P Address: 8 Linden Grove, Middlesbrough Proposal: Single storey extension at rear.
Lee and Donovan (ref. 3) observed that carbon black facilitated strain-induced crystallization and also increased the size of the crystallized zone at the stressed crack tip of carbon black filled NR.