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between the jigs and the reels

That which happens among, despite, or because of great confusion, chaos, or disarray; between or because of one thing and another. Primarily heard in Ireland. I was resolved to leave work early that day, but then the boss called a last-minute meeting, the printer stopped working, and I got put on hold with a client for half an hour. So between the jigs and the reels, I ended up leaving an hour late! He drew loans from all over the country, using one to pay off the other. Between the jigs and the reels, he ended up owing more than millions to various banks and investors.
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reel off

1. To list items in quick succession. A noun or pronoun can be used between "reel" and "off." Alexandra can help you study—she can reel off all the elements on the periodic table like it's no big deal.
2. To do several things quickly and seemingly with little effort. A noun or pronoun can be used between "reel" and "off." After months of writer's block, I'm still surprised that I just reeled off three short stories in a week.
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reel (someone or something) in

1. To draw someone or something toward oneself by winding in a line. My uncle once reeled a fish in that weighed over 50 pounds! I kept the raft attached to the main boat with a rope so they could reel me in if I drifted too far away.
2. By extension, to lure or bring in someone or something that one wants or needs. Arcades always reeled kids in with flashy lights and exciting games. We've been reeling in donations from some very big contributors.
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off the reel

1. old-fashioned In a row; consecutively. (Used especially in reference to sporting events.) The champion golfer managed to hit three holes in one off the reel. What a way to start off the tournament.
2. old-fashioned In a continuous flow or manner, without interruption. The leader rattled off his newest edict off the reel, such that all in attendance struggled to grasp the entirety of his speech.
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rattle something off

 and reel something off
to recite something quickly and accurately. She can really reel song lyrics off. Listen to Mary rattle off those numbers.
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reel back (from something)

to fall or stagger backwards, as from a blow. The boxer reeled back from the blow, stunned. Another blow to the midsection and he reeled back and fell.
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reel something in

to bring in something, such as a fish, by winding up the line on a reel. With great effort, she reeled the huge fish in. Hurry and reel in the fish!
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reel under something

1. Lit. to stagger under the weight of something. Tony reeled under the weight of the books. She knew she would reel under the heavy load.
2. Fig. to stagger because of a blow. The boxer reeled under the blow to his chin. Fred reeled under the beating that Mike gave him.
3. Fig. to suffer because of a burden. Gary reeled under the responsibilities he had been given. I was just reeling under the burdens of my new job.
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rattle off

Also, reel off. Utter or perform rapidly or effortlessly, often at length. For example, The treasurer rattled off the list of all those who had not paid their dues, or She reeled off song after song. The verb rattle has been used for fast talking since the late 1300s and for other kinds of fast production since the late 1800s (George Bernard Shaw wrote of "men who rattle off their copy" in a letter of 1896). The verb reel off, which alludes to unwinding from a reel, has been used figuratively since about 1830.
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off the reel

1 without stopping, in an uninterrupted course or succession. 2 immediately, quickly.
1 1946 Sunday Dispatch Won six races off the reel for Wembley Cubs.
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rattle off

To recite something rapidly and easily; reel something off: She rattled off the names of people who had recently applied for the job opening. He knows every state capital and can easily rattle them off if you ask him to.
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reel in

1. To draw or haul something inward by winding on a reel: It took me two hours to reel in the giant fish. I reeled the line in slowly, pulling the lure along the bottom.
2. To attract someone or something, such as business or customers: Their excellent pizza is reeling customers in. The fundraising campaign reeled in $10 million.
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reel off

To recite something quickly and easily: She reeled off the names of all the presidents from memory. The actor reeled his lines off without hesitating.
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In addition, the following individuals contributed substantially to the development of one or more specific methods in PANCEA: Sergio Bautista, Jo-Ann Du Plessis, Geoff Garnett, Birgit Hansl, Nell Marshall, Sowedi Muyingo, Christian Pitter, and Anne Reeler.
The scope of supply covers the entire machine and provides energy-efficient technologies, including equipment for the approach flow system, MasterJet T headbox, CrescentFormer, NipcoFlex T shoe press, MasterReel reeler with automatic spool change, DCS (Distributed Control System), MCS (Machine Control System) and QCS (Quality Control System) automation systems, as well as the machine's whole start up process.
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