up for reelection

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*up for reelection

Fig. to be running for reelection to an office or position. (*Typically: be ~; come ~.) The governor is up for reelection in the fall. Lily is up for reelection this fall.
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Musharraf had repeatedly said that he would relinquish his office of chief of army staff once his reelection as president is cleared by the Supreme Court.
We wholeheartedly welcome the reelection of incumbent President Bush, who is the candidate for the U.
As recently as the fall of 1998, Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold made that legacy a centerpiece of his reelection campaign against a significantly better-financed Republican challenger.
Changing gears a bit in an epilogue, Tenpas turns political consultant and provides some advice to the winner of the 2000 election on how he or she should run for reelection in 2004.
There is no question that the disastrous midterm election results thrust the Clinton reelection machine into high gear roughly twenty-four months before the election.
Los Angeles will hold the first of the municipal mega-elections of 1997 in April, when Republican ayor Richard Riordan and half of the city council will be up for reelection.
Smart money says that Bishop and Brown each have a good shot at reelection.
Clearly, a good number of his staff were working on his reelection," recalls Republican Dennis Shea, who lost to incumbent Rep.
chairman of the NLC Transportation and Communications Policy Committee, was defeated in his bid for reelection.
Indicted while running for reelection, Myers said he hoped "the big lapse in time' between the initial Abscam stories and his reelection primary would cause voters "to forget about it.
Howard Dean, a Democrat, was once thought to be a shoo-in for reelection, but his decision earlier this year to sign a law legalizing gay unions has left the popular politician vulnerable.