reel back

reel back (from something)

to fall or stagger backwards, as from a blow. The boxer reeled back from the blow, stunned. Another blow to the midsection and he reeled back and fell.
See also: back, reel
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Does the commissioning team reel back in amazement as you unveil your groundbreaking plans to include a PR-obsessed chief superintendent more interested in favourable headlines than the business of solving crimes?
That was enough to get me straight back in my Time Machine, spinning the microfilm reel back to 2014.
Enrol, who ended last term with successive wins, started where she left off when reappearing at Doncaster and got into top gear in time to reel back Mississippi close home.
And that's not good for France's champagne producers, who have seen sales of their exclusive beverage so closely linked to good times and celebration fall on European woes 6 by over 10 percent this year 6 as consumers across the region reel back on conspicuous consumption.
That theory was hardly eroded at Stratford on November 1 when he jumped smoothly from the outset, but could not reel back the impressive winner, Safran De Cotte.
Thus one peacefully steaming afternoon I try to measure the depth and lower a spool of thread down one of the sanctuaries: after 47 spindles and 8 hours 23 minutes of dipping there's a nearly imperceptible jerk and when I finally manage to reel back the thread a strange oval-shaped grain of rice swings from the end.
The 8-1 shot made relentless late progress to reel back the alwaysprominent The Tichborne and lead 50 yards from home.
He went off at 11-2 and failed by half a length to reel back the enterprisingly ridden Decider, who reopposes today on 3lb worse terms.
In the light of all these recent spectacular failures by the multibillion dollar US intelligence and security community, will Washington reel back its frequent criticism of less well-heeled intelligence organizations in other countries?
She added: "If there is a shot where we're all in the limo and the camera is rolling, it's us all having fun, they have their hands all over us and then when the cameras stop I expect them to reel back to being normal, but they continued the partying off camera and we made that clear.
This caused the man to reel back, falling on the ground outside the window.
At first I left the others to work, then when I found Tadej Valjavec we rode together to reel back Schumacher but also for Valjavec in the general classification.
The Bears' head of marketing Stuart Robertson believes the initiative will reel back in a few members that might have considered lapsing.
Time and again this season Celtic have bounced back against the odds to progress in Europe and reel back a Rangers lead in the League which had looked insurmountable.
Something made me reel back because something hit me in the eyes,'' she said.