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lang may yer lum reek

Used to express well wishes to someone, especially as part of a toast or farewell. The phrase literally means "long may your chimney smoke." Primarily heard in Scotland. I just cannae believe ye'r leaving. Lang may yer lum reek, chum!
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reek of (something)

1. To smell very potently of something unpleasant. My hands always reek of garlic after I have to chop it up. He came down for his prom reeking of his dad's aftershave. The house reeks of wet dog—open the window!
2. To have a lot of or give the strong impression of something particularly unpleasant, offensive, or insidious. The deal struck by the government and the corporate lobbying groups reeks of corruption. The verdict of the trial reeks of prejudice.
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reek with (something)

To smell very potently of something unpleasant. My hands always reek with garlic after I have to chop it up. He came down for his prom reeking with his dad's aftershave. The house reeks with wet dog—open the window!
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reek of something

1. Lit. to have the stench or smell of something. This whole house reeks of onions! What did you cook? She reeks of a very strong perfume. She must have spilled it on herself.
2. Fig. to give a strong impression of something. The neighborhood reeks of poverty. The deal reeked of dishonesty. reek with something to stink with some smell. This place reeks with some horrible odor. Jane reeks with too much perfume.
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reek of

1. To give off or have some strong, unpleasant odor: The kitchen reeks of rotten eggs.
2. To be full of something distasteful or offensive: The report reeks of bigotry. The whole incident reeks of corruption.
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'But even setting aside whatever legal technicality he used, it was heartless and reeks of political maneuvering to cover for President Duterte.'
Northfield also had a very tight win when Reeks, from two games down, recovered to beat Trevor Teasdale 12-10 in both the fourth and fifth games.
Reeks were to observe their 53rd wedding anniversary on June 23, 2010.
Diegene wat die hele reeks gelees het, sal die siklisiteit daarvan opmerk--soos sy vader, word die jong Tkollie by wit mense groot, 'n ondervinding wat hom waarskynlik beter daarop voorberei om (soos sy vader) die leierskap van sy groep oor te neem in 'n era waar die wit man met sy moderne wapens 'n bedreigende teenwoordigheid ook in die Kalahari is.
"They definitely went to destroy them," Reeks said told Newsday.
He's clearly the man to blame if you think this all reeks of stale Hollywood cheese.
A belated attempt at an apology reeks of arrogance.
Also, the article reeks of excessive anthropomorphism.
Unfortunately, it has been handicapped by a name that absolutely reeks of dullness.
Theroux can create atmosphere better than most, and the title novella reeks with an atmosphere of European foreignness, sex, mystery and desire.
The pair, a 70-year-old man and a 67-year-old woman, were part of a group of six walkers climbing MacGillicuddy Reeks.
The "Golden Fisherman" statue by Harry Reeks stands at Point Cadet Plaza outside the Maritime and Seafood Industry Museum in Biloxi, where it is visible to drivers passing over the bridge between Biloxi and Ocean Springs.
That reeks of hypocrisy and risks alienating the audiences that CEOs ought to be engaging.
Font, 1996-2003, a sculpture that reeks sourly of dried-up red wine, is probably the clearest manifestation of this: spirit transubstantiated into stinking matter.
THE stewards handed apprentice David Nolan with a five-day ban for irresponsible riding of a major nature on Bawsian after interfering with McGillycuddy Reeks in the handicap won by Royal Cavalier.