reek of (something)

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reek of (something)

1. To smell very potently of something unpleasant. My hands always reek of garlic after I have to chop it up. He came down for his prom reeking of his dad's aftershave. The house reeks of wet dog—open the window!
2. To have a lot of or give the strong impression of something particularly unpleasant, offensive, or insidious. The deal struck by the government and the corporate lobbying groups reeks of corruption. The verdict of the trial reeks of prejudice.
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reek of something

1. Lit. to have the stench or smell of something. This whole house reeks of onions! What did you cook? She reeks of a very strong perfume. She must have spilled it on herself.
2. Fig. to give a strong impression of something. The neighborhood reeks of poverty. The deal reeked of dishonesty. reek with something to stink with some smell. This place reeks with some horrible odor. Jane reeks with too much perfume.
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reek of

1. To give off or have some strong, unpleasant odor: The kitchen reeks of rotten eggs.
2. To be full of something distasteful or offensive: The report reeks of bigotry. The whole incident reeks of corruption.
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As I was busy writing down his statement, I was surprised as he took off his shirt, reeking of alcohol, and threw it at me." He continued: "As I stood up and went to him asking him why he did so, he punched and kicked me.
The House of Commons is probably better known for its members to fall asleep during debates than to be found cowering in fear of what Laura Pidcock considers an establishment reeking of power and redundant customs.
inside, reeking of kerosene and burning beyond control?
However, following the discovery of slaves on the Pritchard farm, Syndicate 9 is under more scrutiny than ever - which means it's a particularly disastrous time for the boss to come in reeking of booze.
London, Aug.2 (ANI): Manchester City's eccentric Italian striker Mario Balotelli was in for a shock recently, when he found his 150,000 pound Maserati sports car reeking of smelly fish.
She later told police her attacker was slim, unkempt and reeking of alcohol.
After the case at Cambridge crown court, Lara said: "The packages were reeking of the drugs but the guy seemed oblivious."
1547: Henry VIII died at Richmond, in a room reeking of the stench from his leg ulcers.
SLEEK, muscular and reeking of Italian style - it can only be the new Maserati.
Her feet and hands a wreck waterlogged and cracked reeking of blood.
Just three days after he started at the hospital, he was supposed to be the on-call consultant but arrived for a major trauma case drunk and reeking of alcohol.
Debi Gliori's Pure Dead Trouble (0375833110, $15.95) returns the Strega-Borgia clan to life in a new adventure when a faithful butler is found comatose reeking of sulfur.
Our husbands shall not come to us reeking of carnage for caresses and applause.
On a list of pet hates, managers say reeking of smoke is even less tolerable than having tattoos or male employees with long hair.
JACI Stephen complains of leaving a pub with her clothes reeking of tobacco smoke.