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lang may yer lum reek

Used to express well wishes to someone, especially as part of a toast or farewell. The phrase literally means "long may your chimney smoke." Primarily heard in Scotland. I just cannae believe ye'r leaving. Lang may yer lum reek, chum!
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reek of (something)

1. To smell very potently of something unpleasant. My hands always reek of garlic after I have to chop it up. He came down for his prom reeking of his dad's aftershave. The house reeks of wet dog—open the window!
2. To have a lot of or give the strong impression of something particularly unpleasant, offensive, or insidious. The deal struck by the government and the corporate lobbying groups reeks of corruption. The verdict of the trial reeks of prejudice.
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reek with (something)

To smell very potently of something unpleasant. My hands always reek with garlic after I have to chop it up. He came down for his prom reeking with his dad's aftershave. The house reeks with wet dog—open the window!
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reek of something

1. Lit. to have the stench or smell of something. This whole house reeks of onions! What did you cook? She reeks of a very strong perfume. She must have spilled it on herself.
2. Fig. to give a strong impression of something. The neighborhood reeks of poverty. The deal reeked of dishonesty. reek with something to stink with some smell. This place reeks with some horrible odor. Jane reeks with too much perfume.
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reek of

1. To give off or have some strong, unpleasant odor: The kitchen reeks of rotten eggs.
2. To be full of something distasteful or offensive: The report reeks of bigotry. The whole incident reeks of corruption.
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She also doesn't mind her breath reeking of alcohol or many of her contemporaries reeking of clouds of face powder and cheap perfume sprays.
But unless it can find the technology to make him stagger home from football on a Saturday reeking of curry and lager, fire his pants across the bedroom and promise the best sex you've ever had, it just won't be the same.
A great idea, sure - but only until guys who assured the missus they were going for a quiet drink with the boys from work arrived home at night reeking of Chanel No5.
Mayfair magazine found women also hate body odour, breaking wind, smelly pants and partners reeking of curry and kebabs.
Now he's reached 40, the blond Adonis is reeking of mid-life crisis, saying he can't guarantee he will spend the rest of his life with wife Jennifer Aniston.
On a list of pet hates, managers said reeking of smoke is even less tolerable than having tattoos or male employees with long hair.
Females reeking of the stuff repulse males within seconds, the researchers report in the July 7 PROCEEDINGS OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY OF LONDON B.
High Art Lite concludes with chapters on the "Britishness of British Art" (taking its cue from Nikolaus Pevsner's 1964 The Englishness of English Art) and some rather droopy observations, reeking of schadenfreude, concerning the alleged decline of art criticism.
Edinburgh Sheriff Court heard he was "affronted" officers believed he had been drinking, despite reeking of booze.
Dempster, 61, was found reeking of drink an slurring his speech after crashing and overturning his car at a pedestrian crossing in Ham, Surrey.
Indeed, contrasted with Woo's often bloated and self-canceling Face/Off, The Replacement Killers has a fast, precise concision: action sequences that explode like formalist hand grenades, set off by claustrophobic spaces reeking of Chandleresque rot, all held together by Chow's spectral gravity.
As for the guys, spare a thought for any married men who visit one of Donald's clubs on a work night out - and then return home to the missus reeking of Chanel No5...
A PEST control firm has launched a chocolate-scented mouse trap after university researchers found rodents preferred its aroma to devices reeking of vanilla or cheese.
Why don't you pry your atrophied little brain out of your reeking, cancerous colon and shove it up your weevil-infested, snot-packed nose where it belongs.
Bob, most of your readers are enjoying going for a drink in the smoke-free environment we now have, and it's a pleasure to come home not reeking of nicotine.