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reek with (something)

To smell very potently of something unpleasant. My hands always reek with garlic after I have to chop it up. He came down for his prom reeking with his dad's aftershave. The house reeks with wet dog—open the window!
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reek of (something)

1. To smell very potently of something unpleasant. My hands always reek of garlic after I have to chop it up. He came down for his prom reeking of his dad's aftershave. The house reeks of wet dog—open the window!
2. To have a lot of or give the strong impression of something particularly unpleasant, offensive, or insidious. The deal struck by the government and the corporate lobbying groups reeks of corruption. The verdict of the trial reeks of prejudice.
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reek of something

1. Lit. to have the stench or smell of something. This whole house reeks of onions! What did you cook? She reeks of a very strong perfume. She must have spilled it on herself.
2. Fig. to give a strong impression of something. The neighborhood reeks of poverty. The deal reeked of dishonesty. reek with something to stink with some smell. This place reeks with some horrible odor. Jane reeks with too much perfume.
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reek of

1. To give off or have some strong, unpleasant odor: The kitchen reeks of rotten eggs.
2. To be full of something distasteful or offensive: The report reeks of bigotry. The whole incident reeks of corruption.
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Randy Reek is a full-time Internet marketer, as well as an online marketing trainer.
Because the Britain of the Blairs is utterly devoid of propriety, openness and reason, reeks of cronyism and stinks of disdain.
But we must remember that after smoking, hospital staff's clothing and breath will reek of stale smoke and it will be carried back to the wards.
More than one million people scale the steep face of the mountain, known locally as the Reek, every year.
OFFICE workers who reek of cigarette smoke are putting their reputation and career chances at risk,new research showed yesterday Only 10% of UK bosses polled by executive consultancy TheAziz Corporation said smelling of cigarette smoke during office hours was acceptable.
The new works reek of low-end domesticity--and no amount of goopy paint (by now a tired gesture) is going to change that.
SEVENTEEN people were rescued from the dangerous slopes of Croagh Patrick during the annual Reek Sunday pilgrimage yesterday.
TWO people were in a serious condition last night after taking part in the annual Croagh Patrick Reek Sunday Pilgrimage.
Now, in the twenty-first century, late Picabia has come to be such a cult item that it may start to reek of the same orthodoxy that made his early work canonic.
Trainers are supposed to reek of the turf; O'Brien reeks of megabytes and Star Trek conventions.
On the other hand, there are objects that reek of death and look to salvation, however ironically.