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a fault confessed is half redressed

proverb Reconciliation can begin once one acknowledges one's mistakes or misdeeds. I'm sure she knows that a fault confessed is half redressed, and yet she still won't own up to starting that awful rumor about me. Once Patrick admitted to his role in the robbery, we were able to repair our relationship. Truly, a fault confessed is half redressed. Why can't you just admit that you were wrong so we can start to move past this? Come on, a fault confessed is half redressed.
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redress the balance

To do what is necessary to restore balance or equality to an unequal situation. The company has been attempting to redress the balance of gender inequality among its various branches. The candidate promises to redress the balance of working-class voters' representation in congress.
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redress the balance

Readjust matters, restore equilibrium, as in If our party wins in a few big cities, it will redress the balance of urban and rural interests in the House . [Mid-1800s]
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redress the balance

take action to restore equality in a situation.
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redress the ˈbalance

make a situation equal or fair again: They have won the last two games, so today we’ll be trying to redress the balance.
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Coun Margaret Smidowicz, the council's lead member for regulatory services, enforcement and licensing, said: "I hope this serves as a reminder to lettings agents and property managers that they have a legal duty to be part of a redress scheme and we will not hesitate to issue fines if they are not.
(9) One obvious type of punitive sanction with that potential is the redress facilitation order.
"If so, it's a very silly idea, because the whole point of a redress scheme is to encourage people to go the simple route and take a lesser sum of money, than if they go to law and litigate," Morrison told Guardian Australia.
"As all three redress schemes adhere to a Memorandum of Understanding, this agent will not be able to join any of the authorised redress schemes under his given circumstances.
The report by the Panel of Experts on Redress will be presented today.
Children's Minister James Reilly said it was a matter for the commission to recommend at any time whether any survivors should receive redress.
During the seminar last week, participants, who are members of grievance redress committees in different regions, learned how to handle project complaints at project level, and to promote community involvement during project implementation.
Scheme administrators paid out PS450 million worth of compensation while the remaining 4.63 million people who were eligible to apply for redress missed out on potentially collectively getting back PS850 million.
A new CFA Institute study, Redress in Retail Investment Markets, makes six recommendations for how retail investors can help to address malpractice in the financial markets.
By DAVID WILLIAMSON Parliamentary Correspondent Redress scheme call CEREDIGION MP Mark Williams has callsed for a "for a full and adequate redress scheme" for small businesses who have been given "toxic loans".
This has resulted in largest supplier payout to consumers, with E.ON required to pay GBP12m in redress to vulnerable customers.
THESE banks have taken advantage of a loophole that allows for something called "alternative redress", the result obviously being that the bank pays out less and as a consequence your pay-out is reduced.
An investigation by the BBC claims that Lloyds has been reducing payouts to personal loan customers who believe they were wrongly sold PPI by using socalled comparative - or alternative - redress.
Parliament, Council and Commission have reached an agreement on the proposed directive allowing for collective redress in cartel cases