redound on

redound on (someone or something)

1. To have a direct and significant effect or impact on someone or something, typically a negative one. The economic furor in Europe has already begun redounding on us in America. It will be unclear for some time whether the financial blockade of the region will redound on the rebel insurgency in any meaningful way.
2. To recoil back on someone or something, especially in a negative or harmful way. In a horrible vicious circle, the venting of all this anger and frustration redounds on oneself in the form of debilitating stress and anxiety, which in turn simply ends up yielding more anger and frustration. Our desire to exert our mastery over nature is redounding on us now as the effects of climate change begin taking their toll.
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redound on someone

to have an effect on someone. The hot weather has redounded on all of us in a bad way. The problems created by your mistake have redounded on the entire company.
See also: on, redound
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