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redound on someone

to have an effect on someone. The hot weather has redounded on all of us in a bad way. The problems created by your mistake have redounded on the entire company.
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If sufficiently intense, this aversion of the will would redound without his intending it into his passions, affecting their ability to respond to sexual matters with positive emotions.
One wonders at times why the Torah insists on reporting details of conduct and attitudes of the Israelites that redound to their shame and discredit.
They redound with the history of the continent, a place where Jewish historical memory of slavery (ironically, in the African nation of Egypt) and more recent African memory of slavery and apartheid come together to provide new perspectives on both historical memory and the theologies of suffering that sustain humans in the darkest of times.
When a man who ran as a moderate conservative governs from the far right after winning an election he has arguably lost, when he lies about the reasons for launching a war and then criminally bungles the management of that war in such a way that it will redound to the country's disadvantage for at least a generation, I think folks are entitled to be miffed.
Sins of the tongue" redound upon the speaker: a libel is not justified by its truth but reveals the malicious intent of the libeller.
US Airways' close relationship with Airbus, which traces to long before the manufacturer helped fund the airline's exit from bankruptcy, could redound to Airbus's benefit.
The message here should resound with corporate executives and redound to their benefit.
The strategic rationale now is we can't leave, because all hell would break loose, which would redound to our disadvantage strategically.
This practice, of course, did not redound to the benefit of the women or children.
While I would have preferred reference to "anti-Jewish" rather than "anti-Semitism" as I still consider "Semitic" to refer to language and physical appearance not religion, perhaps the much-widened definition and its wider use may redound to the advantage of Christianity too, in the longer run.
A fortunate turn of events for El Salvador, this decision could yet redound to the further international embarrassment of US policymakers.
The opportunities for interpersonal reconciliation, caring, and solidarity that are afforded by hospice redound quite substantially to the common good.
His policy of increasing the fees paid by university students at Cardiff and elsewhere will redound to his acute discredit.
And Chief Justice Burger's premonition that the Court's decision would ultimately redound both against the profession and the general public unfortunately has turned out to be accurate--too accurate.