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redeem (one)self

To make amends for one's past misdeeds or shortcomings by doing something positive. Matt's grades were not great at the beginning of the semester, but he's totally redeemed himself and gotten A's on every test since. My sister was mad at me for not spending time with her, so I redeemed myself by getting us tickets to see her favorite band.
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redeeming feature

A positive aspect or attribute of an otherwise bad or unpleasant person or thing. Often emphasized by "one" or "only." My boss's only redeeming feature is that he's pretty relaxed about us taking the odd day off before or after the weekend. The one redeeming feature of my long commute to work is that I get the chance to read plenty of books.
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redeeming feature

A good quality or aspect that makes up for other drawbacks, as in The house isn't very attractive, but the garden is the redeeming feature. This idiom, first recorded in 1827, uses redeem in the sense of "compensate."
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a redeeming ˈfeature

something good or positive about somebody/something that is otherwise bad: Her one redeeming feature is her generosity.The only redeeming feature of the hotel was the swimming pool. Apart from that, it was the worst hotel I’ve ever stayed in.
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It is continuing to study their approach and seeks comments on whether a difference should be drawn between a redemption in which the redeemed shareholder continues to have direct ownership of the stock in the redeemed corporation (whether the same class of stock as that redeemed or a different class) and a redemption in which the redeemed shareholder only constructively owns stock in the redeemed corporation.
302-2(c), Example (1), the basis of the shares redeemed are added to the basis of the shares A still retains.
If the stock is actually redeemed, revenue ruling 69-608 says no constructive distribution arises; the remaining shareholder is only secondarily liable, thus the primary obligation necessary for a constructive distribution does not exist.
For such distributions, current regulations preserve and protect the redeemed stock's basis from elimination, by allowing "proper adjustments" to be made to the redeeming corporation's remaining stock.
Must be redeemed at the airline's ticket office (and not with a travel agent); and
On a specified date, X redeemed 90% of A's stock with a note, to be paid in installments over a 15-year period, secured by a pledge of the redeemed stock.
taxpayer claims that the first corporation's cost for the redeemed stock attaches to the U.
Approximately six months later, S redeemed the two charities' interests.
Under the temporary regulations, a proprietary interest in a target was not preserved if the interest were redeemed or an extraordinary distribution made on target stock prior to (and in connection with) a potential reorganization.