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redeem (one)self

To make amends for one's past misdeeds or shortcomings by doing something positive. Matt's grades were not great at the beginning of the semester, but he's totally redeemed himself and gotten A's on every test since. My sister was mad at me for not spending time with her, so I redeemed myself by getting us tickets to see her favorite band.
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redeeming feature

A positive aspect or attribute of an otherwise bad or unpleasant person or thing. Often emphasized by "one" or "only." My boss's only redeeming feature is that he's pretty relaxed about us taking the odd day off before or after the weekend. The one redeeming feature of my long commute to work is that I get the chance to read plenty of books.
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redeeming feature

A good quality or aspect that makes up for other drawbacks, as in The house isn't very attractive, but the garden is the redeeming feature. This idiom, first recorded in 1827, uses redeem in the sense of "compensate."
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a redeeming ˈfeature

something good or positive about somebody/something that is otherwise bad: Her one redeeming feature is her generosity.The only redeeming feature of the hotel was the swimming pool. Apart from that, it was the worst hotel I’ve ever stayed in.
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Even more interesting (and critical) is whether the reasonable-probability-of-receipt doctrine prevents the increased charitable deduction if the charity's interest is redeemed before the increase in value.
Except that Ponzi made one critical miscalculation--the coupons could only be redeemed for stamps, not cash.
But when asked how often they redeemed their rewards only 56 per cent of Nectar members said they used them within a year and just a third of those collecting Air Miles redeemed them within 12 months.
Each participant, as nominee for underlying beneficial owners (street name shareholders), in turn determines the allocations of redeemed shares among underlying beneficial owners.
The trustee will determine which portions of the Prime Notes will be redeemed.
Consequently, the applicable redemption price of USD1,000 per depositary share will not include any declared and unpaid dividends, and dividends on the redeemed depositary shares will cease to accrue on the applicable redemption date.
Voucher can be redeemed once against the value of PS1.00 for 1 x 4-pack of Howell's Spooky Joeys, when purchased in any SPAR Scotland store (where stocked) and must be presented with the product at the checkout.
351 (a) applies and (2) acquiring corporation then redeemed the stock it is treated as having issued.
On the award side, points can be redeemed for travel on any airline, or for hotel stays or consumer goods.
The inactive spouse's stock is redeemed to equalize the settlement.
Dividends on the shares that are to be redeemed will cease to accrue on the redemption date and after redemption, the redeemed shares will no longer be outstanding and all rights of the holders of such shares will terminate, except for the right to receive the redemption cash payable, without interest.
The Notes will be redeemed at a redemption price equal to the greater of (x) 100% of the principal amount of the Notes redeemed, and (y) the sum of the present values of the remaining scheduled payments of principal and interest on the Notes to be redeemed that would be due after the related Redemption Date but for such redemption (exclusive of interest accrued to the Redemption Date) discounted to the Redemption Date on a semiannual basis (assuming a 360-day year consisting of twelve 30-day months) at the applicable Treasury Yield plus 35 basis points, plus, in either case, accrued and unpaid interest, to the Redemption Date, subject to the rights of holders of such notes on a relevant record date to receive interest due on a relevant interest payment date.
060505740), will be redeemed simultaneously with the redemption of the Series I Preferred Stock, and the Series D Depositary Shares (NYSE: BAC PrD) (CUSIP No.
Voucher can be redeemed once against the value of PS1.00 for any 2 packets of Walkers Crisps 32.5g, when purchased in any SPAR Scotland store (where stocked) and must be presented with the product at the checkout.
Thus, the shareholder will compare the fair market value of property and/or cash received to the basis in the redeemed shares.