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rededicate (oneself) to (something)

To reassert or reaffirm one's dedication or commitment to something or some activity. That near-death experience really prompted me to rededicate myself to my faith. I'm really trying to rededicate myself to my career, because I've been feeling like I'm in a rut lately.
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rededicate oneself or something to someone or something

to reaffirm the dedication of oneself or something to someone or something. I must ask you to rededicate yourself to our high purposes. They rededicated their church to God.
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style="font-weight: 400Zardari further said, "On this day as we rededicate themselves to the political ideals of chairman Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.
"We rededicate ourselves to independence - the best possible future for Scotland.
"We appreciate these additional resources that would help strengthen and reinvigorate the SEC and rededicate our commitment to the protection of investors."
I wish for basic American decency to reassert itself against the hate-filled tirades of the far right and to rededicate itself to helping the poor.
Although there were no major security problems in 2005, according to Corrections Commissioner Rob Hoffman, "just because we have had a good run, we have to rededicate ourselves to our mission of protecting Vermonters."
We must rededicate ourselves to transmitting existing knowledge to the next generation through the world's best educational system.
In the "Foreword," Wynton Marsalis states: "This book is a call to action." The author's "Prologue" follows, expanding on his belief that 21st-century artists "must rededicate themselves to a broader professional agenda that reaches beyond what has been expected of them in an earlier time."
Rather than waste our energy worrying about global competition we should rededicate ourselves to helping every child reach their potential as a well-rounded human with a thirst for knowledge and creative expression.
We must eliminate injustice and exploitation, pray to overcome hatred and violence in ourselves, and rededicate ourselves to peace, human dignity and the eradication of injustice.
The group also called on Congress to rededicate revenue from the private foundation excise tax for the strengthened oversight and reaffirmed its support for simplifying and reducing the excise tax from a complex variable rate to a consistent 1 percent of private foundation investment income, a move the organization says will free up "potentially more than $140 million" for foundation grant making.
We need to rededicate ourselves to being the corporate watchdogs over the financial statements.
For the Firsties: I challenge each and every one of you to rededicate yourselves to taking the role of senior class to heart in this busy time in your tenure here, teaching and molding those that follow to live up to the standards set by the graduates who are seated on this stage.
The infusion of cash has allowed the 30-year-old organization to rededicate itself to grassroots activism.
It is our hope that communities will peruse their records, talk with their oldest citizens, and then find and rededicate or restore these memorials, remembering their original intent, as described in the pages of this magazine more than 80 years ago: "The trees will be, in their very greenness and robust strength, reminders of the youths who gave their vigor to win the big war...