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Reddish feathers from six of nine birds, mostly HY, but also an AHY, sampled at MBO bad detectable amounts of the pigment, including the two reddest individuals (band #s 1951-51453 and 195151463) (Fig.
Ratigan's] recent behavior relative to children and on the computer are a flag of the reddest color.
Dramatic entrance: Samia Smith, Corrie's Maria Connor, left; Rita Simons, 'Enders' Roxy Mitchell, below; and sexiest actress winner Michelle Keegan , who plays Tina McIntyre in Corrie, bottom left, arrive last night Reddest alert: Katherine Kelly, who plays Corrie's Becky McDonald turns on the style bash last night
It's only when they get to the reddest of reds that all the sugars develop in the fruits, so don't be tempted to pick them green and let them ripen indoors.
Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker is a Democratic elected official in the reddest state in the union.
We, as well as the poet, do not know, although we are made aware of the speaker's response, one that is deeply troubling to her: "the reddest rose unfolds, / (which is ridiculous / in this time, this place,/unseemly, impossible,/ even slightly scandalous).
He now could see the reddest crimson red, and peacock, ruby, pink, and apricot.
Eleisha Ensign, executive director for the company, says, "We would like retailers to know that Texas Rio Star Grapefruit is the reddest and sweetest grapefruit imaginable," and these are Texas staples.
The story goes that the civet - which is about the size of a cat - sniffs out only the best coffee cherries, eating the ripest and reddest and leaving the lesser specimens untouched.
They are the fattest, reddest haws I've ever seen," Fearnley-Whittingstall tittered.
Face Atelier offers a new lipstick collection, Red, Redder and Reddest.
Compare O'Sullivan "labouring to drain / the reddest blood from your throat" with Plath's simple view of poppies as "little bloody mouths.
In the last month or so, I've been to Omaha, Nebraska, one of the reddest of the red states, and ninety-five people packed into the room that Bruce Johansen had kindly reserved.