red-letter day

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red-letter day

A very important or significant day. My college graduation was a real red-letter day for my whole family.

red-letter day

Fig. an important or significant day. (From the practice of printing holidays in red on the calendar.) Today was a red-letter day in our history. It was a red-letter day for our club.

red-letter day

A special occasion, as in When Jack comes home from his tour of duty, that'll be a red-letter day. This term alludes to the practice of marking feast days and other holy days in red on church calendars, dating from the 1400s. [c. 1700]

a red-letter day

A red-letter day is a day when something very important or exciting happens. Back in 1986 Jim had his first picture published in BBC Wildlife Magazine. `That was a real red-letter day for me!' he confesses. Note: In the past, important feast days and saints' days were printed in red in some calendars.

a red letter day

a pleasantly memorable, fortunate, or happy day.
In Church calendars, a saint's day or church festival was traditionally distinguished by being written in red letters.
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a red-ˈletter day

a very special day which is remembered because something important or good happened: Today was a red-letter day. We heard we had won a free trip to Japan.Religious holidays and other important dates used to be printed in red on calendars.

red-letter day

n. an important day that might well be marked in red on the calendar. Today was a red-letter day in our history.

red-letter day, a

A special occasion. The term comes from the practice of printing feast days and other special holy days in red on ecclesiastical calendars, from the fifteenth century on. Charles Lamb used the expression in describing Oxford during the long vacation: “The red-letter days now become, to all intents and purposes, dead-letter days” (Essays of Elia, 1823).
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Anthony Bromley: red-letter day for Highflyer Bloodstock
First Minister Rhodri Morgan got up in the Assembly chamber and began a speech with the words 'today is a red-letter day for Wales'.
One of the remarkable features of the process that has seen the first red-letter day lead to the second, is the lack of an internal spat within the Labour party over its contents.
If they finally come round to the idea of a strong Assembly, that will be a real red-letter day for Wales.