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Paddy Power is feeling a little red faced this morning after calling the Greek referendum wildly wrong," Paddy Power said in an e-mail in Dublin on Monday, adding it "got a little overexcited.
The Patient PILLOWS plumped, arms raised to The tubes that give her life Clanking bed pans, a red Faced lady with rubbered hands A screen closes, white coats Descend, hushed voices Whisper "Is this the end?
The first day she saw him she got the shock of her life as she was lying thereon the floor of the gym, legs akimbo, in old baggy tracksuit, red faced and sweating.
Washington, May 18 ( ANI ): Kelly Osbourne, who is having renovations done at her Los Angeles home, was left red faced when a workman walked in to her bedroom and saw her naked.
Summary: The Duke of Cambridge was left red faced in Glasgow on Thursday as he attempted to greet a young admirer with a kiss.
He was left red faced in 2001 when a Thanksgiving turkey pecked at his crotch.
Red faced security men blew up a suspicious package at Heathrow Airport - only to discover it was a golf club.