red as a cherry

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(as) red as a cherry

Extremely flushed and red in the face, as from embarrassment, anger, or physical strain. My father was as red as a cherry by the time we reached the top of the hill. I was afraid he might have a heart attack or something! Oh, Mike definitely likes you—he turns red as a cherry every time you're around!
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*red as a cherry

 and *red as a poppy; *red as a rose; *red as a ruby; *red as blood
bright red. (*Also: as ~.) When she came in from ice-skating, Clara's nose was as red as a cherry. When her boss praised her in front of the whole office, Emily turned red as a poppy. I would like to make a dress out of that beautiful velvet that is red as a rose. Jane painted her fingernails with polish as red as a ruby. I want to have my car painted red as blood.
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