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recuperate from (someone or something)

1. To return to good health after some illness or injury. Often used in the continuous tense to indicate an ongoing recovery. My brother is still recuperating from malaria after coming back from his trip to Kenya. I'm still recuperating from a broken ankle, so I'm afraid I won't be coming on the ski trip in December.
2. To return to stable or composed position, status, or mindset after some difficult, troublesome, or threatening situation. Things are better on the whole, but many businesses haven't yet recuperated from the economic crisis. It will take me a day or two to recuperate from that visit from my in-laws.
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recuperate from something

to recover from something; to be cured or to heal after something. I hope that you recuperate from your illness soon. Has she recuperated from her surgery yet?
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He was reportedly recuperating from gunshot wounds sustained during an encounter with government troops in Kitaotao, Bukidnon on May 10.
The Indian victim was rushed to Al Dhaid Hospital, where he is recuperating. He was still in a critical condition at the time of filing this report.
BEIRUT: Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad visited Walid al-Moallem Tuesday afternoon at the Beirut hospital where the Syrian foreign minister is recuperating following heart surgery.
It includes balancing hair and body shampoo, eczema moisturising oil, recuperating hair and body complex wash, recuperating lotion, recuperating cream, healthy skin pack, eczema starter pack and psoriasis starter pack.
Tour de France-winning cyclist Bradley Wiggins is recuperating at home while his coach Shane Sutton recovers in hospital after both were knocked off their bikes in separate accidents within the space of 15 hours.
He underwent surgery in New York in February 2009 for an undisclosed illness and spent nearly a year abroad recuperating in the United States and at a palace in Agadir, Morocco.
I now intend to take the next few months to concentrate on recuperating fully before I may return to football."
A DOG left to die is now recuperating after a three-and-a-half hour operation to save her shattered shoulder and leg.
There were more than 60 patients from Iraq and Afghanistan recuperating from their injuries at Walter Reed on the bright, warm November day they visited to carry the DAV's message of hope and compassion for all the uncertain days ahead.
Raul Castro says that his brother, who turned 80 in August, is recuperating. If Fidel dies, however, Cuba's stability may be at higher risk.
Shunned and maligned by the author's mother (in spite of her ignorant prejudice we grow to care about this strong-willed Southern lady, and mourn her inevitable passing) he refuses to get miffed at his mother-in-law or at the seemingly endless parade of animals, large and small, adopted, injured, and recuperating, that fill his home--or if he does, we never hear about it.
In January of 1879, a Zulu host attacked a single company of the 24th Regiment of the British Army and a handful of recuperating hospital patients.
Nothing beats it when you're recuperating from an injury or trying to stay in shape.
Jack Higgins' WITHOUT MERCY (1423306201, $29.95) receives Michael Page's ability to lend quiet drama and tension to the story of a detective who is recuperating in a hospital when murdered.
Most of the time, we only see people once." Foley even took a group of 11 recuperating servicemen to see a Washington Nationals baseball game.