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recuperate from (someone or something)

1. To return to good health after some illness or injury. Often used in the continuous tense to indicate an ongoing recovery. My brother is still recuperating from malaria after coming back from his trip to Kenya. I'm still recuperating from a broken ankle, so I'm afraid I won't be coming on the ski trip in December.
2. To return to stable or composed position, status, or mindset after some difficult, troublesome, or threatening situation. Things are better on the whole, but many businesses haven't yet recuperated from the economic crisis. It will take me a day or two to recuperate from that visit from my in-laws.
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recuperate from something

to recover from something; to be cured or to heal after something. I hope that you recuperate from your illness soon. Has she recuperated from her surgery yet?
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The coasts left and right of Mosul, witnessed today a united Fri-prayers dobbed Fri- to recuperate usurped rights/ worshipers then merged at Ahrar Square in central Mosul to join the demonstrators and protestors.
As a result, doctors have ordered her to rest her voice and completely recuperate before looking to schedule any work commitments.
Nevertheless Kaoutsianis warned that the minister would need to be given sufficient time to recuperate fully.
Louis Beuzelin: will recuperate at home in Barbados until end of January
New fathers need quality time with their partner and new baby and to help the mother recuperate, not for the father to recuperate, as you put it.
Jerrick has been transferred from the Stanford University children's hospital's cardiac care unit to the neonatal intensive care unit, where he can recuperate and gain weight with other preemies, officials said.
Luckily my operation was on Monday which has given me six days to recuperate.
But Commissioner Mary Gall has taken a temporary leave to recuperate from necessary medical procedures and is not expected back full time at the Commission until some time in October.
company can recuperate its investment in a few days.
Our space was full of individuals being treated for various injuries and trying to recuperate.
Dan Gentry Kent, BH&HS president, suffered a heart attack on July 4, had heart-bypass surgery on August 8, arrived home on August 13, had a stroke on August 17, and continues to recuperate.
The ozone hole over Antarctica this year fell short of 1998's record size, providing a piece of good news about the atmosphere's ability to recuperate from an overdose of pollutants.
Deep water running caught the attention of athletes and coaches when Joan Benoit Samuelson used the pool to recuperate from an injury and returned to running to win an Olympic gold medal.
But the movement to recuperate from birth at home left a gap: Mothers still needed follow-up care.
hotel industry has been straggling to recuperate from overdevelopment in the 1980s and a downturn in travel during the early 1990s.