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dead marine

slang An empty bottle from an alcoholic beverage. (Potentially considered objectionable.) The yard was littered with dead marines the morning after the wild party. He looked up just in time to see a dead marine being swung at his face.
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raw recruit

A man or woman who is inexperienced and newly recruited to some organization. The number of raw recruits for the police force has plummeted for the third year in a row. We're touring around various high schools across the state looking for raw recruits to join the military after they graduate. My job is to turn raw recruits into fully fledged soldiers.
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recruit (one) into (something

To hire, enlist, or enroll one into some group, company, or organization. I wish they wouldn't try to recruit high school kids into the military right in the middle of the cafeteria like that. Sarah has been trying to recruit me into her spirituality club, but I have my suspicions that it's some kind of cult.
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recruit for (something)

1. To seek out new members for some group, company, or organization to which one belongs. There are a bunch of people in the student union building recruiting for various clubs and teams. I wish they wouldn't recruit for the army inside of our high school like that.
2. To hire, enlist, or enroll new members for some group, company, or organization to which one belongs. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "recruit" and "for." I heard they recruited Tim for the Navy! I went to a few different universities looking to recruit a few talented engineers for our new firm.
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recruit from (something or some place)

1. To seek out new members for one's group, company, or organization from some location or source. We've had to recruit from abroad because there simply aren't enough people in this country with the skillsets we need. The military recruits from all over the country, but has the most success in Southern and Midwestern states.
2. To hire, enlist, or enroll new members for one's group, company, or organization from some location or source. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "recruit" and "from." We try our best to recruit from the local area first, before expanding our search to other parts of the state. We recruit our engineers from the very best post-graduate courses around the country.
3. To hire, enlist, or enroll new members for one's group, company, or organization from some other group, company, or organization. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "recruit" and "from." I heard they recruited the new CFO from one of our biggest competitors. A lot of companies have non-compete clauses in their employment contracts so that they don't have staff recruited from them by competing businesses.
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raw recruit

a new, inexperienced, or fresh recruit, such as someone just entering the army, navy, police, etc. These boys are nothing but raw recruits. They've never seen a gun up close!
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recruit someone for something

to seek and engage someone for something. Harry had to recruit a few people for the new jobs that opened up. We recruited three more people for the project.
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recruit someone from something

to convince someone to leave something and join one's own group. Phyllis recruited a new work team from the company she used to work for. We recruited a number of people from private industry.
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recruit someone into something

to seek out and induct someone into something. The recruitment office tried to recruit ten people a week into the army. The army recruited almost no one during the month of December.
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dead marine

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marine (recruit)

and marine officer
n. an empty beer or liquor bottle. (see also dead soldier, dead marine. These expressions are probably meant as derogatory to either marines or officer.) Every now and then the gentle muttering of the customers was accented by the breaking of a marine as it hit the floor. There’s a marine officer laying in the fireplace.
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Thus the Middle East countries are the first beneficiaries with 511 recruited, i.e.
She emphasised that about 4000 beneficiaries made up of those who re-applied and new entrants have been recruited in central region alone and have started work while plans were advanced to recruit more.
“Partnering with National Blue Chip Elite Lacrosse Camp creates a number of synergies which will benefit both of our organizations as well as the student athletes who want to get recruited,” said Michael Mahoney, CEO, BeTheBeast, Inc.
In individual recruiting for the month, first-time recruiter Yanxia Li, RN, ADN, AAS, CCRN, PCCN, of Marietta, Ga., burst onto the scene with 17 new members recruited. Also in double figures for the month was Kelly Wells, RN, AD, of Medford, Ore., with 12.
For example, if the criteria for merit eligibility are being raised, it will be important to understand if recruited athletes--or athletes in particular sports--will be negatively impacted.
Bostick: Yes, in FY 05 we successfully recruited by MOS at more than 95 percent accuracy.
These students were selected to participate because, as reported by their teacher, they recruited adult attention very frequently and inappropriately.
A total of 50,000 female volunteers aged 35-74 whose sisters have been diagnosed with breast cancer will be recruited and receive health evaluations over a period of 10 or more years.
FirstGroup have recruited 56 Polish drivers and engineers in the South-West and plan to recruit around 100 drivers for Glasgow by the end of the year.
Often the company is run by a self-made entrepreneur who has always grown organically, and recruited by pulling in friends and family.
Lopez mad her colleagues were recruited by MDS Global Medical Staffing in Los Angeles, a company that in the past focused on matching technology professionals from Latin America with jobs in the United States.
Ultimately, Oregon, which so aggressively recruited under old rules, will have to figure out how to do so under the new ones.
Once you have successfully recruited your staff, you'll want to properly screen individual staff members to protect your campers--while at the same time reducing the camp's liability exposure.
Sixteen classes of men recruited from 1991 to 2000 were combined temporally into four larger classes, each representing discrete 2-year periods: 1) N91, M92, N92, M93; 2) N94, M95, N95, M96; 3) N96, M97, N97, M98; and 4) N98, M99, N99, M00.
With a whopping 407 members recruited as of this writing, Coy could very possibly walk away as the 2001-2002 DAV top membership recruiter for the third consecutive year at the DAV and Auxiliary National Convention in Dallas, Aug.