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in recovery

1. In the process of receiving treatment for a serious issue in one's life, such as psychological trauma or addiction. A: "She's been in recovery for 10 years already." B: "Wow. It's hard to believe she was ever addicted to heroin." Rich is in recovery for PTSD from his time in Vietnam.
2. In the "recovery room," a space in a hospital or medical office where patients regain consciousness after being anesthetized, as for a surgical procedure. Anna's surgery went very well. She's in recovery now, if you want to come see her.
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on the road to (something)

Following a course of action that results in a particular outcome. They'll be on the road to financial ruin if they keep up such extravagant spending. Now that my father has switched doctors, he's finally on the road to recovery.
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on the road to recovery

Cliché recovering; getting better; improving. It's been two weeks since her surgery, and she is on the road to recovery.
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on the ˌroad to reˈcovery, ˈstardom, etc.

on the way to achieving something desirable: The operation was a success and the patient is now well on the road to recovery.After many years struggling to get their company started, they are now firmly on the road to success.
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in recovery

In the process of participating in a group or program providing treatment and support for a longstanding psychological or behavioral problem, such as abuse, addiction, grief, or trauma.
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Recovery was less likely in people whose onset of dependence was rapid and/or early, starting before 18 years of age.
It should be noted that students cannot be forced to live in the recovery dorm.
If successful, a disaster recovery plan allows a business to continue as usual--or close to it--in the event of system failures.
With Do Your Data Recovery 7.0, users are able to easily and quickly recover lost files from SSD, HDD, external hard drive, memory card, digital camera, USB flash drive, RAID, Server or other storage device.
The acquisition of Rentsys' assets will address shorter recovery time objectives and create expanded flexibility at the time of recovery, both critical elements for ensuring that customers are able to restore operations quickly.
(9) on 18 cyclists has shown that the most effective method for eliminating lactic acid accumulating in the blood after 5 km bicycle riding was active exercise together with massage and that active recovery was more effective than massage and passive recovery.
GEPCO will ensure extra recovery of Rs.t3 billion and reduce line losses upto 1%.
Director Recovery expressed dissatisfaction over non-cooperation of consumers in payment of bills and only 38 percent recovery.
MEPCO recovered Rs 34.15 billion with recovery ratio of 100 percent from Multan circle during July 2017 to May 2018, Rs 11.82 billions from DG Khan circle with recovery ratio of 98.47 percent, Rs 12.77 billions from Vehari circle with recovery ratio of 99.44 percent, Rs 19.66 billions from Bahawalpur circle with recovery ratio of 100 percent, Rs 20.30 billions from Sahiwal circle with recovery ratio of 99.45 percent and Rs 16.32 billions had been recovered from Rahimyar Khan circle where ratio was recorded as 98.69 percent.
PPP Co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari and PPP leader Syed Khursheed Shah also prayed for speedy recovery of Kalsoom Nawaz.
From left to right, Sheikh Fareed (Clerk Recovery) Sagheer Ahmed (Clerk Recovery) Jehanzaib Iqbal (Clerk Recovery) Irfan Ahmed (Private Person / Beneficiary) Akhter Rasheed (Superintendent Recovery) Syed Rizwan Ahmed (DDO Recovery) Mohammad Hanif Khan (Superintendent Recovery) Khuda Bux Soomro (Superintendent Recovery) Sarfaraz Ahmed (Superintendent Recovery) Feroze Bengali (Private Person / Beneficiary) Irfan Khan Yousufzai (DDO Shifting) Mohammad Kamran Warsi (DDO Recovery) Atif Naqvi (DDO Shifting) Mohammad Jumman (Clerk Recovery).
One of the innovative techniques used in the substance use disorder treatment field is recovery coaching.
There are over 23 million Americans in recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs.
Recovery Software updates RS Partition Recovery, the company's top of the line data recovery tool, integrating the ability to recover office documents in all popular formats.