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on the road to (something)

Following a course of action that results in a particular outcome. They'll be on the road to financial ruin if they keep up such extravagant spending. Now that my father has switched doctors, he's finally on the road to recovery.
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in recovery

1. In the process of receiving treatment for a serious issue in one's life, such as psychological trauma or addiction. A: "She's been in recovery for 10 years already." B: "Wow. It's hard to believe she was ever addicted to heroin." Rich is in recovery for PTSD from his time in Vietnam.
2. In the "recovery room," a space in a hospital or medical office where patients regain consciousness after being anesthetized, as for a surgical procedure. Anna's surgery went very well. She's in recovery now, if you want to come see her.
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on the road to recovery

Cliché recovering; getting better; improving. It's been two weeks since her surgery, and she is on the road to recovery.
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on the ˌroad to reˈcovery, ˈstardom, etc.

on the way to achieving something desirable: The operation was a success and the patient is now well on the road to recovery.After many years struggling to get their company started, they are now firmly on the road to success.
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in recovery

In the process of participating in a group or program providing treatment and support for a longstanding psychological or behavioral problem, such as abuse, addiction, grief, or trauma.
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File-system CDP products are typically found in Microsoft Windows environments, and usually offer a file-system or explorer interface for their configuration and recovery operations.
Today these principles have matured within the association into the concepts Decision Sequence to Maximize Recovery Potential and The Value Chain (an five-part value chain white paper is available at www.
In today's information-centric environment, much of a disaster recovery plan addresses IT systems and data loss.
In June, new research was published that specifically examined the role of three types of recovery in both aerobic and anaerobic energy release.
If your CPA firm hasn't walked through a simulated scenario to "stress test" a disaster recovery plan, you won't uncover its weaknesses until you're in the midst of a crisis, says Philip Jan Rothstein, president of Rothstein Associates Inc.
Initiate and run recovery with no storage administration intervention;
To preserve data, companies must have a plan that incorporates three components: backup, archive and recovery.
Myth: The dive recovery team's ultimate objective is to recover a submerged item.
The Fourth Circuit, in Thompson, 866 F2d 709 (1989), held that the taxpayer's Title VII recovery for back pay was in the nature of a breach of contract claim, and thus was not tort-like recovery eligible for the Sec.
Preparing for a disaster or disruption of any kind requires a comprehensive approach that encompasses hardware and software, networking equipment, power, connectivity and test procedures that ensure DR and restoration are achievable within recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO) targets.
Training provides the stimulus for your body to adapt, but recovery is when those training gains occur.
A firearms trafficking investigation begins with the recovery of the firearm.
The traditional tape backup methods allow for a full recovery of the Exchange database(s).