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recover from (someone or something)

1. To return to good health after some illness or injury. Often used in the continuous tense to indicate an ongoing recovery. My brother is still recovering from malaria after coming back from his trip to Kenya. I'm still recovering from a broken ankle, so I'm afraid I won't be coming on the ski trip in December.
2. To return to stable, competitive, or composed position or status after some difficult, troublesome, or threatening situation. Things are better on the whole, but many businesses haven't yet recovered from the economic crisis. The team managed to recover from a disastrous start to the game, and they're now in a position where they could possibly win the whole thing. Georgina always finds it hard to recover from her in-laws' visits.
3. To get something back that had been taken or possessed by someone or something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "recover" and "from." I haven't been able to recover my money from the company I invested in yet. They recovered the ball from the other team within range of a field goal.
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recover from someone or something

to get over an experience with someone or something. My great-uncle just left, and it will take a day or two to recover from him. I hope I recover from his visit soon.
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recover from something

to recuperate from a disease. I hope I recover from this cough soon. She recovered from her cold soon enough to go on the trip.
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recover something from someone or something

to retrieve or salvage something from someone, something, or some place. The police recovered my purse from the thief who had taken it. Mary recovered her deposit from the failed bank.
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If deleted photos were originally stored on internal memory of Android, choose Recover from Phone.
A more complete solution that accounts for both a greater number of data loss scenarios and offers the ability to recover a system to a more current date-time stamp would include the installation of personal disaster recovery software.
Being able to recover all reasonable out-of-pocket costs and potentially lost wages should encourage taxpayers to litigate cases where the IRS appears to have no reasonable basis for the items in a deficiency notice.
* Without improvement in collection and sorting, export demand for recovered paper will increase the cost structure of U.S.
"But our specialists know where to look, and we do recover money for virtually all of our clients."
With some exceptions, Dohar et al contend that a pathogen is defined as an organism that is recovered with at least a 2+ growth index.
Today SPI uses this same mind-set to develop the SureSync product-line to help companies implement a cost-effective and reliable method to distribute, share, protect and recover data.
Western Europe recovered 32% of its post-consumer plastic waste in 1999, the latest year for which the Association of Plastics Manufacturers in Europe (APME) has figures.
The hard day/easy day training pattern follows from the physiological principle of stimulus and response-hard training provides a stimulus for your body to improve, but rest is then needed to allow your body to recover and adapt to that higher level.
Currently used by American Express, Goldman Sachs, Lockheed Martin, AT&T, Compaq, McDonald's, Disney, and other companies, large and small, OfficeRecovery software demonstrates every day that it is usually less expensive to recover a file than to recreate it.
According to the USDA, more than 269,000 pounds was recovered and reworked.
Form Lease [paragraph]18, by its terms, permits the landlord to also recover, in addition to the deficiency between the old stipulated rent and any rent received from the new tenant, "such expenses as [landlord] may incur in connection with re-letting, such as...
For example, in a recent pregnancy discrimination lawsuit against a California employer too small to be covered by the California discrimination statute, the court nevertheless allowed the plaintiff to recover $20,226 in damages on the theory that pregnancy discrimination is already forbidden by the state constitution, which prohibits discrimination based on sex.
The accomplishments of these other remarkable men and women who have suffered and recovered from mental illness also make a strong case for encouraging recovered mental patients to strive to the limits of their capacity.
Islamabad -- The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has only recovered Rs 10.72 billion through plea-bargain from 285 persons those who paid huge financial damage to national exchequer.