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have recourse to (something)

To have access to something, especially in times of trouble or difficulty. I need to care for my ailing mother, but I don't have recourse to a leave of absence. Does he have recourse to his inheritance?
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have recourse to something

to be able to use something for help; to be able to fall back on something. You will always have recourse to the money your grandfather left you. You will not have recourse to that money until you are over 21 years of age.
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Specifically, these loans reflect performance declines related to exposure to energy markets, coupled with limited recourse to financially capable guarantors.
Members with a deficit restoration obligation may, in certain situations, be allocated a share of LLC recourse debt.
In these cases, in the event of non payment and exercising recourse against the purchaser, the company acts as the agent of the factor.
In essence, the following were settled: holders of recourse in law's interests and the ways in which such extraordinary means of attack are exerted, the object, the competence of the settlement and the effects related to the judicial decision into the recourse in law's interest.
They claimed that said violation constituted a "bad boy" act and triggered personal recourse.
In non-recourse loans, some "bad boy" provisions have the effect of converting the non-recourse loan to a full recourse loan such that the borrower becomes liable for the full amount of the loan.
In 2005, the recourse type of factoring service accounted for Rp 1.08 trillion or 81.7 % of the total credits.
(2) In United States--Tax Treatment for "Foreign Sales Corporations," Second Recourse to Article 21.5 of the DSU by the European Communities (US-FSC), (3) the DSB upheld the findings of the Panel and Appellate Body that the United States created a form of prohibited subsidy in continued violation of the SCM Agreement and Article 21.5 of the DSU in its tax treatment of foreign sales corporations (FSCs).
Employees who work for a bully face daily and constant confrontation with little recourse--but WHEN YOU WORK FOR A BULLY: ASSESSING YOUR OPTIONS AND TAKING ACTION offers such recourse, from exit strategies to leave an abusive situation to learning how to identify a bully and utilizing self-defense tactics to keep ego intact.
To say that the courts are the only recourse is not to say that the courts are the best recourse for all victims.
citizen who was imprisoned for more than three years, without trial or legal recourse of any kind, through a presidential order designating him an "enemy combatant."
We frequently hear stories that the terms of private company acquisitions are moving in the direction of limited seller representations and warranties and even more limited rights of recourse, post-closing.
Moreover, homeowners have little recourse if the work is not performed properly except to sue the unlicensed contractor civilly and hope that they can locate some assets.
Triple-X securitization can be characterized as the "securitization of the business of an enterprise," in contrast with traditional securitization, which is the "securitization of assets of an enterprise." A securitization structure provides nonrecourse and permanent financing for the Regulation Triple-X reserve through the capital markets, whereas nonsecuritization structures provide recourse and temporary financing for the reserve through the bank market.
A discussion arose about recourse consumers may have if they have been overcharged for sales taxes or charged (and paid) sales taxes on an exempt item.