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recoup (something) from (someone or something)

To recover, regain, or restore something from someone or something. You'll have to pay for everything out of pocket, but you can recoup it all from HR after you're back from the trip. The meeting was full of angry shareholders looking to recoup their investments from the foundering tech company.
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recoup something from someone or something

to salvage something from someone or something. I hope I can recoup my expenses from the company this week. Mary intended to recoup her money from the investment.
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"Cookin'" exec producer Simone Genatt says the production has made money "most weeks" and has recouped "about half" of its capitalization since opening at the Minetta Lane Theater last March.
Graeme Souness, Blackburn: Spent pounds 25.3m, recouped pounds 9.3m.
"It's fantastic news that so much money is being recouped."
Of a total of PS11,970,463 invested, only PS3,659,889.65 has been recouped to date.
Source: Mobility magazine, February 2008 Top 5 Job Resale Cost Projects Cost Value Recouped 1.
But as an inducement for owners to make investments and fund the improvements, MCI increases go on forever, so any interruption in the payments will most likely never be recouped and will represent several million dollars in lost funds, particularly if the case is not adjudicated for several years.
USD-JPY recouped to the mid 107.0s after logging a low of 106.99.
In response to a request by Plaid submitted under the Freedom of Information Act, the UK Highways Agency, said: "Severn River Crossing (SRC) is entitled to collect a defined sum from the tolls (PS1,028.9m in July 1989 prices) and the current forecasts indicate that this sum will be recouped in 2018.
So far the authority has recouped about 80% of that money and has an impending payment.
Zuckerman has spent nearly eight years and about $40 million of money that was not recouped by the Salomon Bros.
PORTER or So far it has been repaid PS2.58m of the PS3m they invested, which is 86% recouped in total.
NET: pounds 20.5m Total spent: pounds 395.9m Total recouped: pounds 107m
It is imperative that the outstanding money is recouped quickly and reinvested to boost the Welsh economy.
FX Update: The dollar recouped some lost ground after posted fresh losses in Asia and in the early European AM session.
Spent: Recouped: NET: ASTON Martin Spent: Recouped: Redknapp added: "It's not about spending lots of money.