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recoup (something) from (someone or something)

To recover, regain, or restore something from someone or something. You'll have to pay for everything out of pocket, but you can recoup it all from HR after you're back from the trip. The meeting was full of angry shareholders looking to recoup their investments from the foundering tech company.
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recoup something from someone or something

to salvage something from someone or something. I hope I can recoup my expenses from the company this week. Mary intended to recoup her money from the investment.
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$300,000 in recoupable independent radio promotion expenses; added to
On planet Earth, some of us would argue, no plaintiff in the position of the Concepcions can be expected to advance thousands of dollars in a one-on-one proceeding for the right to win $30.22, even if an arbitration victory that exceeds the defendant's last and best offer would produce a $7,500 bounty and double attorneys' fees, and even if the entire outlay were recoupable. (159) Nor would any lawyer advance those costs, or her time.
I see it, however, as a recoupable investment with a high yield.
According to the suit, Foresight's failure to properly calculate its recoupable balance and to make payments in accordance with the lease agreements in the third and fourth quarters of 2015 and the first quarter of 2016 resulted in a $4.7 million negative cash impact to NRP.
30 June 2016 - UK-based digital media content provider One Media iP Group Plc (AIM: OMIP) has entered into an exclusive long term digital exploitation license agreement with HiBrow Production's TV and music catalogue for an advance of USD 26,000 (GBP 21,000) recoupable against future royalties, the company said.
In Ohio, filmmakers can reap the benefits of a 25% refundable tax credit for qualified expenditures, with resident labor expenses recoupable at 35%.
the view that damages are recoupable for the profit attributable to
Established artists often negotiate more favorable terms for subsequent albums, which typically takes the form of a higher advance on royalty income and a reduction in recoupable expenses.
But this is recoupable if the customer switches back before the end of the 10 months.
The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has committed up to $18 million in recoupable grant funding for a Windlab and Eurus Energy joint venture to build the first $120 million phase of Kennedy Energy Park, consisting of 19.2 MW (AC) solar photovoltaic (PV), 21.6 MW wind and 2 MW/4 MWh battery storage.
The major label advances the sub-label money for start-up and overhead costs--the advance being recoupable against the profits of the project.
The plant has been set up with financial support from the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) in addition to recoupable grant funding of $20.9 million from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA).
The org is now offering producers a "recoupable advance" rather than an equity investment in a project.