recount to

recount something to someone

to tell something to someone; to narrate a series of events, in order. Carl recounted the events of the day to his wife. The strange events were recounted by a number of people.
References in classic literature ?
We have, without interrupting him, allowed Daddy Jacques to recount to us roughly all he knows about the crime of The Yellow Room.
Permit me," he continued, "to recount to you briefly how certain ardent spirits, starting on imaginary journeys, have penetrated the secrets of our satellite.
County officials have tentatively scheduled the recount to begin Thursday, to comply with Secretary of State Kate Brown's Dec.
Michael Hughes got 373 votes in the recount to finish first in the race.
Under the new law, if an automatic recount is ordered, the Commonwealth will pay the fee for the recount to the counties.
The opposition urged Chen to cooperate in a recount, citing his pledge over the weekend to agree to a recount to defuse the political crisis triggered by the presidential election.
Therefore, when the number of voters is odd, an individual vote matters only if it eliminates a recount to the benefit of the preferred candidate.
Lawyers for Bush - who still holds a razor-thin lead in the state - had been pressing for the Florida recount to be blocked, arguing that it was unconstitutional.
Burton became involved early on, offering both candidates funding for a recount to try to resolve the issue without any greater conflict.
In 2010, there was a recount to determine whether Ronald Motta had obtained enough write-in votes on the Republican primary ballot to qualify for the November ballot as a candidate for the 14th Worcester District state representative's race.
AmeriCounsel will post results of the hand recount to the http://www.
28 is the latest possible date for a recount to take place; it must occur within 10 days of the deadline (Nov.
WORCESTER - Ronald Motta failed to pick up the necessary number of votes in yesterday's recount to qualify for the November ballot as the Republican candidate for the 14th Worcester District state representative seat.
Jeas, John Fouracre, Howard Stone and William Myerson, who each reside in a different precinct, were required to obtain 10 signatures from registered voters in each precinct for the recount to go forward.