recount to

recount (something) to (one)

To narrate or share the facts or details of some experience or story to one. I recounted my harrowing journey to my teacher, who didn't seem to believe me. He delighted in recounting the tale to a new audience of students every year.
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recount something to someone

to tell something to someone; to narrate a series of events, in order. Carl recounted the events of the day to his wife. The strange events were recounted by a number of people.
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"We have, without interrupting him, allowed Daddy Jacques to recount to us roughly all he knows about the crime of The Yellow Room.
The process leading to the recount began in December, when Curran, a Libertyville Republican who served three terms as sheriff, filed a discovery recount to review the votes cast in the Nov.
That cost could be prohibitively expensive and limit demands for a recount to wealthy individuals or organizations.
For the recount to occur, Ting paid a deposit of NT$4.28 million (US$138,950).
The Vice President only said she preferred the recount to be finished soon so there will no longer a "platform on fake news."
He recalled how the PTI chief in his first speech after the July 25 polls had announced that his party would facilitate reopening of constituencies for vote recount to remove his opponents' doubts over results.
The Election Commission of Pakistan should allow all such appeals of the recount to remove any allegations of rigging that might arise in future.
We've been waiting for the recount to begin because we feel that delaying it only allows them to use the issue to muddle the truth,' Robredo said, referring to her opponent.
'We estimate the recount to start on the second week of February 2018,' Macalintal said.
Lawyers filing in relation to the case argued that Stein had no standing to bring a lawsuit for a recount to the courts.
County officials have tentatively scheduled the recount to begin Thursday, to comply with Secretary of State Kate Brown's Dec.
Michael Hughes got 373 votes in the recount to finish first in the race.
The opposition urged Chen to cooperate in a recount, citing his pledge over the weekend to agree to a recount to defuse the political crisis triggered by the presidential election.
Therefore, when the number of voters is odd, an individual vote matters only if it eliminates a recount to the benefit of the preferred candidate.
Former Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran said he is just doing his "due diligence" in filing for a discovery recount to review the votes cast for sheriff in the November election.