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Many law enforcement agencies and courts have recognized and accepted electronic recording as a just and viable manner to collect and preserve confession evidence, the single most valuable tool in securing a conviction in a criminal case.
Concord Records is widely regarded as one of the preeminent record companies in the industry today, committed to offering the adult music audience inspiring, innovative and high quality recordings of jazz and popular music.
Higher recording speeds are a critical issue, particularly with the extraordinary capacity of the next generation of optical technologies on the horizon, and Maxell is once again assuming a technology leadership role.
County recorders' offices that can currently accept digital lien release documents for recording include: Maricopa County, Ariz.
The new DVD video recording capabilities that Sonic is implementing deliver a unique approach to real-time recording, editing, and optimization that enables users to move video content easily between set-top DVD recorders and their personal computers.
Recently, Abaroa was Vice Chairman of the Latin Recording Academy Board of Trustees, a volunteer position, and was CEO of Wireless Latin Entertainment, a venture that promoted and distributed Latin music in the wireless space worldwide.
Our goal was to create a recording that would retain Basie's stylistic sound while utilizing Ray's original music, expanded wherever possible to feature the Count Basie band," Field explains.
After we upgraded our records system to Landata e-STAR Plus(TM), our next step was to offer electronic recording.
Longitudinal recording media have a fixed number of parallel tracks (e.
Wayne County is partnering with Hart to provide our office and the public with a complete records management solution continuing to offer public access to these records via the Internet, automated indexing and the electronic recording of documents.
Hitachi Global Storage Technologies is today announcing new advancements to a 100-year-old magnetic recording technology that will set the stage for ultra-high capacities such as a 20-gigabyte(a) Microdrive or a one terabyte 3.
Soon after its start-up, the production company established its multi-faceted corporate structure including recording, managing and publishing.
Nimbus Records has been recording its classical, world music and Prima Voce archive transfer titles in surround sound using Ambisonic for more than 30 years, and released its earliest recordings on vinyl LP before the advent of CD.