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In 1995, the recording industry reported $12.3 billion in music sales, according to the Recording Industry Association of America (BIAA), the trade group that represents the U.S.
Hawkins skillfully takes us from the beginnings of Nashville itself to this historic recording session interviewing many of the major players firsthand.
The second impediment preventing law enforcement agencies from routinely electronically recording interrogations, and perhaps the most important, is that agencies do not possess the proper equipment to adequately perform the task.
Tracy & the Plastics, Culture for Pigeon (Troubleman Unlimited) Those already addicted to Wynne Greenwood's cable-access, Candyland-style feminist audio/video projects will welcome the stepped-up production values of this recording, while new listeners will find the vocal intimacy of Culture for Pigeon the perfect introduction to her conceptual world.
* A recording device (such as a cassette, MiniDisc or DAT).
It remained the medium of choice for recording animal sounds until the mid 1930s, even though the equipment was portable only in the sense that it could fit in a truck.
Transactional systems are often criticized as being financially-oriented, focusing on recording, coding, and billing for health care events.
His band Unrest achieved popularity beyond his label's capacities - Robinson thought it too difficult to get the money together up front to pay for the recording and manufacturing costs that Unrest demanded.
The second reason the indies avoided signing inferior rappers was that they depended on the quality of their artists' recordings to establish their overall reputation.
Startup costs vary depending on a number of factors--location, the size of your staff, the budget for recording costs, promotions, manufacturing, and the amount and types of equipment used--but new label owners can begin mixing beats for as little as $5,000.
While the hard drive industry has been using longitudinal recording successfully for five decades, it is now within two product generations of reaching its practical limit.
BOB MOULD SAID OF ZEN ARCADE before its recording that "'s going to be big--bigger than punk rock." And although fellow Midwestern band Wilco's 2002 Yankee Hotel Foxtrot wasn't a hardcore album to be recorded in a one-take session followed by a 40-hour mix marathon, both records share some commonalities: Skeletons of folk-like ballads and pop sing-a-longs treated with sonic dissonance--Husker Du with beautiful fuzz and bath bands with other arts of noise.
Johannes Brahms actually made a private recording as a gift to Thomas Edison, a performance of the solo piano version of the first Hungarian Dance.
The warrantless recording of a subject's conversation falls into one of two categories: those made with the consent of at least one of the parties involved in the conversation and those recorded without the consent of any of the parties involved in the conversation.
Accordingly, the core record concept suggests reductions are possible in the area of notes--e.g., eliminating the recording of notes to justify added entries--and introduces formally the sense of cataloging as a dynamic and iterative process.