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Second, departments that electronically record obtained more incriminating information when they recorded than when they did not.
I wanted to make something that was me surrounded by all the people I trust in my family--not that I don't trust the people I recorded with before that, but I wanted to make a record recorded by my family.
Also, note that the tempo change will not result in a performance that is the same as it would be if the recording artist(s) had recorded at a different tempo.
Braga's tecedeiras, therefore, show up in the records themselves, though the way in which they were noted was significantly different from the manner in which male weavers were recorded. For example, the first reference found to weavers was in the registry for 1646, at which time Isabel, Cecilia, Francisca Lomba, and Maria Tecedeira received licences as weavers.
As a generalization, signing too many commercial or just plain bad rappers, by association, would slow the sales of all of that independent's releases, and so the general quality of recorded rap music in the early and mid-'80s remained high.
The copy-prevention system, developed by CBS Records in Milford, Conn., and known as Copy-code, involves electronically filtering out a narrow band of frequencies from any recorded music.
It started with small aspirations, I was just going to try and hang out in their recording sessions and follow the path of the songs from being written to being recorded, to everything It got bigger, obviously...
The singing voice, especially the tenor voice, recorded remarkably well with this primitive process.
The warrantless recording of a subject's conversation falls into one of two categories: those made with the consent of at least one of the parties involved in the conversation and those recorded without the consent of any of the parties involved in the conversation.
The first set of tracks are recorded in parallel the entire length of the tape.
Where resources can be more easily accessed and reviewed, the amount of information required in the surrogate may be less than is now recorded. The library cataloging community is understandably cautious in considering this possibility; however, the interplay between surrogates and documents (or objects) may lead to new assumptions for some classes of documents as to the need for all attributes and relationships to be included in the bibliographic record.
The information, once obtained, needs to be accurately and completely recorded, in legible fashion, and using a standardized terminology.
In the simplest version, a comparison is made between the recorded speech and, in the case of English, the 40 or so phonemes (or distinct speech sounds) that are the building blocks of speech.
This layer improves the reflectivity contrast between recorded and unrecorded regions, resulting in high signal-to-noise ratios.