record on

record on (something)

1. To use a particular recording device or medium to capture audio or video. It's our first time recording on this new microphone, so I apologize if the sound seems off or inconsistent at all. The cyclist had been recording on a head-mounted camera, so he had video-evidence of the driver's culpability in the accident.
2. To capture an audio or video recording of something using a particular kind of device or medium. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "record" and "on." We're recording most of the album on a vintage microphone to give it a really authentic sound. I recorded the entire movie on vintage 70 mm film.
3. To record audio or video while atop something or riding on a vehicle. I was trying to record on the train, but it kept jerking around too much. We'll have to record on the roof where we can get a clear signal.
4. To make an audio or video recording while atop something or inside of a commercial passenger vehicle. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "record" and "on." We're recording a documentary on the company's newest cruise liner, the largest ever built. I recorded most of the audio on the plane between London and New York.
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record something on something

to make a record of something on the surface of something. Nancy recorded the appointment on the calendar that served as a blotter on the top of her desk. Please record this on your calendar.
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Under this row of faint grease prints he would write a record on the strip of white paper--thus:
CARDIFF City fans will be competing to break a noise record on Sunday.