record in

record in (something)

1. To capture audio or video from or within a particular location. We had to record in my basement until we'd saved up enough money to start using a real studio. The crew is recording live in Los Angeles at the premiere of the new film.
2. To make an audio or video recording from or within a particular location. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "record" and "in." We recorded the entire album in a log cabin in the wilderness of Alaska. They recorded the video segment in the busiest part of town.
3. To set something down in writing in some register, database, or other such location. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "record" and "in." Please record your names in this book as you enter. I record the times for each athlete in a spreadsheet so that we can look at how their performance changes over time.
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record something in something

to enter a record of something into something. I will record your appointment in my notebook. Jane recorded the memo in her computer.
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"The idea of our having to record in the same book with brats like that!"
Mercer also notes that 2015 is the second-largest year on record in the UK pension buy-in and buyout market, with pension plans transferring economic responsibility for PS12.3bn of defined benefit pension obligations to insurers.
The INS screw-up comes as no surprise to anyone familiar with the agency's abysmal record in recent years.