record from

record from (something)

1. To make an audio or video recording or broadcast from or within a particular location. We had to record from my basement until we'd saved up enough money to start using a real studio. The crew is going to be recording from the Los Angeles at the premiere of the new film.
2. To use a particular recording device to capture audio or video. It's our first time recording from this new microphone, so I apologize if the sound seems off or inconsistent at all. The cyclist had been recording from a head-mounted camera, so he had video-evidence of the driver's culpability in the accident.
3. To capture an audio or video recording using a particular kind of device. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "record" and "from." We're recording most of the album from a vintage microphone to give it a really authentic sound. The undercover journalist recorded the entire conversation from a camera hidden within her briefcase.
4. To be able to detect and record audio or video from a particular direction or distance. This 360-degree camera records from every direction simultaneously. The microphone on this phone can record accurately from nearly 200 feet away.
5. To make an audio or video recording from a particular direction or distance. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "record" and "from" to specify what is being recorded. The private detective recorded the woman's conversation with her lover from across the street on a rooftop balcony. You can only record audio from one direction on this microphone, so make sure it is facing the right way.
6. To make an audio or video record of something captured from some particular source. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "record" and "from." We've recorded testimony from nearly 20 witnesses who were present during the crime. I'm recording footage from the latest build of our new video game. We're going to record from the part of the brain that is responsible for impulse control to see if something is perhaps not fully developed.
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record something from something

to make an audio or video recording of something from some source. Listen to this. I recorded it from a radio broadcast. From what TV show did you record this?
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ENTER SAM JONES: Skateboarder, musician, photographer, director, music fan who wanted to make a movie about Wilco's record from beginning to end.
A municipal record from another town, Aveiro, from 1580, allows for such an interpretation, though in this case we found the reverse situation.
Verification is necessary because if any of these conditions are not satisfied, the result of the processing of retrieved data cannot be the same as the electronic record from which the stored data was produced.
At CFS Bank's most recent CRA examination, examiners reviewed its performance record from August 1996 to April 1999.
For example, users often find it useful to be able to restrict a search rapidly on an A&I database to only those citations that are available in electronic format, or that represent materials held in printed form at a specific library; this would involve the use of an index rather than simply trying to compute and display a linkage to primary content as each record from the A&I database is displayed.
This exception encompasses [r]ecords pertaining to pending litigation to which the public agency is a party, ...until the pending litigation or claim has been finally adjudicated or otherwise settled."(30) Courts have narrowly construed this exception to permit an agency to withhold a requested record from disclosure "only if it was specifically prepared for use in litigation."(31) This construction recognizes that although a public agency should not be hampered in its efforts to prepare for litigation, the time of litigation is "exactly the time when members of the public become aware of possible misdeeds or undesirable practices on the part of the agency, and have the strongest incentive to examine records which shed light on the operations of their government."(32)
The other element which differentiated this record from other recorded rap music was the rappers' attitude.