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9) By 1993, it was anticipated that 60 percent of law enforcement agencies would electronically record confessions in at least some cases they investigated.
Players who use anabolic steroids without a legitimate prescription are breaking the law and should not be allowed to play, much less keep their accomplishments on the record books.
For many archived document types it is essential to establish and maintain a very high record authenticity standard as is the case for any record subject to legal scrutiny such as financial statements, medical information and corporate communications (including emails).
I was leaning more toward the business, record label, and distribution side and wanted to focus on gospel, hip-hop, R&B, and everything else," he says.
In 1976, Wilmer Maedke surveyed the records management field and noted that the most important criterion in hiring was an "interest in records work.
A student record is defined as a record that is maintained by an educational institution and contains information that is directly related to a student (National Association of Secondary School Principals, 2001).
To this end iVia supports from one to three levels of editorial review as well as a pending record database that holds records in the process of being built and reviewed prior to their being approved and moved to the main working database.
If a subpoenaed record that is said to have been destroyed is found, a summary judgment for the opposing party can be awarded or a charge of obstructing justice levied.
Enterprise content management (ECM) systems often play a critical role in helping companies streamline their records management processes.
By far, the easiest way to record a music CD is to use the Superscope PSD300.
Garthwaite hopes he can implement an electronic medical record system that will significantly improve patient care, reduce paperwork and speed the operations of LACDHS facilities.
If a classification code is used for a record, this means that a substantial or important part of the article is related to the subject of the classification code.
An adequate accounting is an account book or similar record the taxpayer submits to the employer with supporting evidence.
7, prescribing the basic record retention requirements under section 6001 of the Internal Revenue Code where all or part of the taxpayer's financial or accounting records are maintained within an automatic data processing (ADP) system.
As a general rule, however, a taxpayer is not required to create any machine-sensible record other than those created in the ordinary course of its business or to establish return entries.