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If you don't shut off that music I'll smash your record," threatened Ojo.
But the imperfection in the geological record mainly results from another and more important cause than any of the foregoing; namely, from the several formations being separated from each other by wide intervals of time.
Along the whole west coast, which is inhabited by a peculiar marine fauna, tertiary beds are so scantily developed, that no record of several successive and peculiar marine faunas will probably be preserved to a distant age.
Forbes, we may conclude that the bottom will be inhabited by extremely few animals, and the mass when upraised will give a most imperfect record of the forms of life which then existed; or, sediment may be accumulated to any thickness and extent over a shallow bottom, if it continue slowly to subside.
Thus the geological record will almost necessarily be rendered intermittent.
During periods of elevation the area of the land and of the adjoining shoal parts of the sea will be increased, and new stations will often be formed;--all circumstances most favourable, as previously explained, for the formation of new varieties and species; but during such periods there will generally be a blank in the geological record.
Some cases are on record of the same species presenting distinct varieties in the upper and lower parts of the same formation, but, as they are rare, they may be here passed over.
He often studied his records, examining and poring over them with absorbing interest until far into the night; but what he found there-- if he found anything--he revealed to no one.
As we have no public notoriety, no concurrent testimony, no records to support and corroborate what we deliver, it becomes us to keep within the limits not only of possibility, but of probability too; and this more especially in painting what is greatly good and amiable.
Currently, many departments do not electronically record custodial interrogations despite the exceptional value and benefit to the criminal justice system, including the police, prosecutors, and courts, as well as defendants and the community.
First, baseball did not even have a rule against steroid use until the 2002 season, after each had set his respective record.
This can be illustrated by examining common archive objectives that are tightly linked to storage media attributes, including record authenticity, record destruction, and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).
Following are the specific questions that were to be answered through this research: (a) How does one record counseling sessions in accordance with the law and best practices?
Records are displayed in three formats: title only, regular (title, description, and origin of record as either expert or robot created), and long (accessed by clicking on "More Info" in the full display).