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reconstruct (something) from (something else)

1. To physically reassemble, rebuild, or reconfigure something using various parts, pieces, or sources thereof. I didn't have time to buy brand-new parts, so I've been reconstructing my old truck from various broken-down cars and trucks around the scrapyard. We managed to reconstruct the wall from pieces of timber left over from the shed I built.
2. To form a coherent narrative conclusion by analyzing various different pieces of information and drawing a conclusion based on what they collectively indicate. We're able to accurately reconstruct the crime just by looking at the pieces of evidence left behind by the killers. They're trying to reconstruct the sequence of events using testimony from everyone who was in the bar that night.
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reconstruct something from something

1. to rebuild something from something. I was not able to reconstruct the puzzle from the pieces that were left on the floor. Can you reconstruct the damaged part of the house from these materials?
2. to recall and restate a story or the details of an event from something. Can you reconstruct the story from the fragments you have just heard? I cannot reconstruct the chain of events from memory.
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This shortcoming may well be filled by readings such as those in Reconstructing Criminal Law.
I call this foundational period our encounter with our "culture of origin." Therefore the culture of origin of excluded voices becomes an important aspect of reconstructing knowledge.
To describe this situation, Moore et al coined the term "empty nose." This article describes one possible method of reconstructing a totally resected inferior turbinate.
Bardaglio's Reconstructing the Household, historians have a carefully researched and thoughtful study of how nineteenth-century southern and northern family laws resembled and differed from each other.
Feminism secures its place on architecture's map with two other major releases: Architecture and Feminism and The Architect: Reconstructing Her Practice.
The company is reconstructing Alexandre Benois's original designs for the ballet, which are realistic and atmospheric, set in a tavern.
Another advantage in reconstructing Sanchez's life is the window it offers into the workings of the Inquisition and, most significantly, into the mind of the inquisitor in charge of Sanchez's first trial.
Rufel, as we saw, had responded to those moments by reconstructing Dorcas's actions within an interpretive framework which featured Rufel at the center.
For reconstructing their breakthrough organism from the progenote, they turned to a set of chemical criteria derived from assumptions about the RNA world, findings from decades of biochemical experimentation, and logical criteria regarding evolutionary mechanisms on the molecular scale.
Fallows devotes several studies to reconstructing and analyzing repertories from which little music survives, including English and Spanish song around 1450 and lute music before 1500.
By reconstructing and fetishizing her own experience in these displays, the artist approximated the memory process itself, transforming it into a political tool.
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