reconstruct from

reconstruct (something) from (something else)

1. To physically reassemble, rebuild, or reconfigure something using various parts, pieces, or sources thereof. I didn't have time to buy brand-new parts, so I've been reconstructing my old truck from various broken-down cars and trucks around the scrapyard. We managed to reconstruct the wall from pieces of timber left over from the shed I built.
2. To form a coherent narrative conclusion by analyzing various different pieces of information and drawing a conclusion based on what they collectively indicate. We're able to accurately reconstruct the crime just by looking at the pieces of evidence left behind by the killers. They're trying to reconstruct the sequence of events using testimony from everyone who was in the bar that night.
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reconstruct something from something

1. to rebuild something from something. I was not able to reconstruct the puzzle from the pieces that were left on the floor. Can you reconstruct the damaged part of the house from these materials?
2. to recall and restate a story or the details of an event from something. Can you reconstruct the story from the fragments you have just heard? I cannot reconstruct the chain of events from memory.
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