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reconstruct (something) from (something else)

1. To physically reassemble, rebuild, or reconfigure something using various parts, pieces, or sources thereof. I didn't have time to buy brand-new parts, so I've been reconstructing my old truck from various broken-down cars and trucks around the scrapyard. We managed to reconstruct the wall from pieces of timber left over from the shed I built.
2. To form a coherent narrative conclusion by analyzing various different pieces of information and drawing a conclusion based on what they collectively indicate. We're able to accurately reconstruct the crime just by looking at the pieces of evidence left behind by the killers. They're trying to reconstruct the sequence of events using testimony from everyone who was in the bar that night.
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reconstruct something from something

1. to rebuild something from something. I was not able to reconstruct the puzzle from the pieces that were left on the floor. Can you reconstruct the damaged part of the house from these materials?
2. to recall and restate a story or the details of an event from something. Can you reconstruct the story from the fragments you have just heard? I cannot reconstruct the chain of events from memory.
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In such cases, in order to reconstruct the events, good timing resolution is required to distinguish which detector the electrons hit first.
A company in Houston offers this service and charges about $2,000 to reconstruct a cubic toot--less than 100 pages--of shredded strips.
This book dually functions both to reconstruct history and to provide explanations for Micheaux's offenses.
After years of research, the international team of scholars that is trying to reconstruct this hypothetical text is still a long way from getting all the theologians to agree.
Forster and Igor Stravinsky are blurred and impossible to reconstruct.
The TRAM flap can be used to reconstruct one or both breasts, but only in one operation.
Permitting a taxpayer to reconstruct records under these circumstances represents a limited retention of the Cohan doctrine.
Moreover, we gather data from a reservoir of bold ideas and actions from past centuries to reconstruct knowledge for an enhanced and liberating quality of life for black women today.
ISLAMABAD -- Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority (ERRA) would reconstruct 1,000 schools damaged in quake2005 affected areas, Deputy Chairman of the authority Major Gen.
On the concluding ceremony, the students also voiced slogans against the disinterest of the Government to reconstruct the building of Jamia Hafsa, as Supreme Court of Pakistan has also announced verdict to rebuild the Jamia Hafsa building.
Efforts to reconstruct the old boundaries in one leap have failed, he argues, because not enough early evidence remains, whereas the record for Anglo-Norman Ireland is fairly abundant.
An essential part of this project has been an effort to reconstruct the evolution of attitudes towards and the experiences of the poorest Americans, no easy task given the paucity of written records documenting their personal lives.
Removal of such a cholesteatoma may require sacrificing the malleus and incus and may necessitate second-stage surgery to reconstruct the ossicular chain and to rule out residual disease.
The EPR method can reconstruct the total (internal plus external) radiation dose accumulated in dental tissues.