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reconstruct (something) from (something else)

1. To physically reassemble, rebuild, or reconfigure something using various parts, pieces, or sources thereof. I didn't have time to buy brand-new parts, so I've been reconstructing my old truck from various broken-down cars and trucks around the scrapyard. We managed to reconstruct the wall from pieces of timber left over from the shed I built.
2. To form a coherent narrative conclusion by analyzing various different pieces of information and drawing a conclusion based on what they collectively indicate. We're able to accurately reconstruct the crime just by looking at the pieces of evidence left behind by the killers. They're trying to reconstruct the sequence of events using testimony from everyone who was in the bar that night.
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reconstruct something from something

1. to rebuild something from something. I was not able to reconstruct the puzzle from the pieces that were left on the floor. Can you reconstruct the damaged part of the house from these materials?
2. to recall and restate a story or the details of an event from something. Can you reconstruct the story from the fragments you have just heard? I cannot reconstruct the chain of events from memory.
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For a LR image y to be reconstructed, at first, a simple segmentation method was employed to divide it into p patches [y.sub.i] [member of] [R.sup.n], n = 1,2, ..., p.
In the verification experiment [18], the materials with approximately linear attenuation coefficients in the reconstructed images could be significantly distinguished.
Often untold and perhaps equally exciting is the story of how Dubai reconstructed its historical buildings in Shindagha.
In this section, it is presented that a touched button image on a touch screen monitor can be identified from the display images reconstructed by receiving the electromagnetic noise.
The reconstructed face is on display this weekend at Otago University's St David Street Lecture Theatre and will go on permanent display in Istanbul this year.
Isaac painstakingly draws out the vicissitudes of all these struggles over the years of the diary, and yet he reconstructs considerably more than that: a typical year in the working life of a plantation, the contents of Carter's vast library, the practice of plantation medicine, the administration of colonial government--indeed, every dimension of Carter's world.
In such cases, in order to reconstruct the events, good timing resolution is required to distinguish which detector the electrons hit first.
A company in Houston offers this service and charges about $2,000 to reconstruct a cubic toot--less than 100 pages--of shredded strips.
Mobbs, a defense department attorney and former official with the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, will help reconstruct Iraq's legal system.
The court permitted the IRS to restore the taxpayer's LIFO reserve to income without terminating its LIFO election, because the taxpayer was unable to reconstruct the corrected reserve amount or provide evidence from which an estimate could be made.
The project to reconstruct the park's main entrance road was completed using the design-build delivery method, the approach of contracting with a single entity for performing both design and construction on a project.
Because African American novelist and film-maker Micheaux's writings and film productions (of which only one-third are extant) were primarily centered on the Western Prairie, Bowser and Spence had to reconstruct his works from the point of view of a black homesteader positioned outside of the literary canon of those affiliated with the Harlem Renaissance.
Local limestone was used to reconstruct walls around the site and another local stone, dark and hard, paves the main footpaths.
At least this is a view held by many of the researchers who are trying to reconstruct a believable historical Jesus.
Before his death in 1986 he began to reconstruct these years, using old appointment books and such to jog his memory.