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become reconciled with (someone or something)

To forgive, accept, or make peace with someone, something, or some situation. I haven't spoken to my brother in 10 years, but I still hope to become reconciled with him some day.
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reconcile oneself to something

to grow to feel comfortable with an undesirable or challenging situation. John reconciled himself to living alone. Anne reconciled herself to having to wear glasses.
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reconcile something with something

to bring something into harmony, accord, or balance with something. The accountants were not able to reconcile the expense claims with the receipts that had been turned in. I can't reconcile your story with those of the other witnesses.
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One might ask why God wants to reconcile with sinners if He already knows the future.
Sometimes," he said, "I see that certain people realize that God is quick to reconcile with a repentant sinner.
Dorothea attempts to break free of those limits commonly ascribed to the social lot of women, but the strength of 'her full nature' (896) is diverted by marriage, and she is 'absorbed into the life of another' (894) impelled by the conditions of her day, but she does not relinquish her search for goodness and greatness, and reconciles herself to being satisfied with less than she aspired to.
He cannot reconcile his former self with the new one.
The User Proxy reconciles these profoundly different world views, and provides entire orders of magnitude more flexibility for both end users, and those in IT researching, developing, and deploying service-oriented applications.
With Siperian Activity Server and DB2 Information Integrator, businesses can reliably integrate and reconcile the widely dispersed customer data that resides in enterprise applications as well as unstructured document collections across channels, geographies and business units.
Data reconciliation is a huge problem across the enterprise, and the ability to reconcile user identities, entitlements and access rights has clearly become a critical undertaking for the enterprise as a first step in user provisioning projects," said Gartner Research Director, Roberta J.
Unlike point-to-point application integration tools, SchemaLogic uses a collaborative process to reconcile and share an application-independent, enterprise view of schema.
SchemaLogic develops SchemaServer, which reconciles and manages system-specific schema, creating an enterprise schema or meta-schema stored in an active repository.
T-Recs(R) uses the balance of a store's POS activity as the expected deposit and reconciles that figure with the actual deposit reported by the bank.
The company also gathers monthly brokerage and custodial bank statements, as well as those from money managers, and reconciles the statements to WealthTouch's proprietary portfolio accounting and integrated general ledger accounting systems.
Because Abeo understands the complex relationships among customers, services and network elements, it reconciles data discrepancies and creates a consolidated view of the CSP's entire business.
The Pantero SDS Suite is the first solution to reconcile the inherent data inconsistencies between enterprise business systems within service-oriented architectures (SOAs).
Initially unveiled at the prestigious Demo 2004 conference in February, the Pantero SDS Suite is the first solution to reconcile the inherent data inconsistencies between enterprise business systems within service-oriented architectures (SOAs).
Automatically identify and reconcile orders not received, fulfilled inaccurately, or delivered late - discrepancy identification that enables automatic and prompt remediation.